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Topic: Aria player and sample rates

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    Aria player and sample rates

    I have two questions about Aria player

    (1) I can't get it to work with the sample rate 96000 Hz, which means that I cannot use the driver that shoud be the best for my sound card (SB Aydigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro). Is this someting that is specific for my sound card, or is this sample rate always impossible. I know 44100 is the recommended sample rate, but it does work with 48000.

    which leads to the second question

    (2) my sound card does not provide the 44100 option, so I use it with 48000. Does this affect the quality of the sound?

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    Re: Aria player and sample rates

    The samples are at 44.1 Khz so using 96 Khz sample rate will not help the sound. The should sound fine at 48 Khz. Using higher sample rates will usually just put a higher drain on your system.


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