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Topic: Melancholia

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    This little prelude was not made with Garritan Personal Orchestra, but rather the Garritan Pocket Orchestra which comes with Cakewalk's Dimension LE. I used the trumpet and strings from that program here. The piano is Yellow Tools in the Samplitude sequencer library, with which I also used to mix the whole thing. I am not familiar with the differences between the Pocket and the Personal orchestras technical-wise. Maybe somebody can enlighten me. I just remember at the time (March 2010) I figured if it was something "Garritan" it was good in one way or the other. I don't regret buying it. It's the best string generator I own. I know it's not GPO, but last month I was given a choice between the GPO and the JABB. I chose JABB because I've always wanted a soulful brass section with saxes to work with.

    Hope you enjoy "Melancholia"

    John B.

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    Re: Melancholia

    I enjoyed it very much, John. I was a trumpet player for about 40 years. This is a nice piece. It brought back many memories to me, and yes, they were sad, too. I believe I will feature some trumpets in the next piece I write, which will be the first time I have recorded anything using GPO4 only. Let me know what you think of my piece when I finish it and post it soon. I am starting work on it tonight... YOU gave me the idea for it! I have been featuring the French horns too much in my music, and that is a personal thing because my older sister was such a fabulous French horn player when she was younger -- she could make people cry with the beauty of her solos. But I chose the trumpet, and now it's time to feature some of my own ideas... oh, my, I'm getting excited now! See what you have done to me???

    Arvid Hand

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    Re: Melancholia

    Wow! Such inspiration from a piece it took me all of a half hour to compose!
    Very much looking forward to hearing your new piece.

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    Re: Melancholia

    A very nice study, John, with strongly evocative content.

    Now... can I talk you into going on with development of
    this, taking it further? You've got a fine exposition, here,
    with golden thematic material that is begging you to

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Melancholia

    Thanks Dave, and I know what you mean. It does kinda scream "Take me further", and I did play around with a second part a few months ago. I became discouraged because I had a sketch where the trumpet did a harmony with a French horn. There was some situation in the EQ that caused a rather annoying noise, something like a humm, when the two horns played together. I contacted Cakewalk's tech support on the matter and I did get some advise, but I got sidetracked and never went back to it. Fortunately I still have the MIDI charts (I keep EVERYTHING) and the email is burried, but I know I still have it too. Someday when I'm not so busy, I may revisit it.

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    Re: Melancholia

    John --

    Just wanted to let you know that the "Fanfare" I have been inspired to write by your "Melancholia" piece is changing its personality. I originally intended to write it for orchestra so I could showcase GPO4, but I have changed that to brass choir, drumline and timpani.

    I will have to simulate the drumline with orchestral instruments, since I can't afford the Garritan marching band collection at this time. (I broke my budget with JABB3!) But I do have a personal goal of eventually acquiring every Garritan product. I have GOS-1 (the original), GPO2 and GPO4 and now JABB3, so it's a good start. I just don't have all the instruments in my collection that I need for a complete Garritan treatment.

    I have the Finale "lite" version of the Virtual Drumline Library (VDL), but I promised to use only Garritan instruments for this piece. (I see, however, that some of the instruments in the Garritan marching band library DO come from the VDL.)

    A motif from your "Melancholia" will appear in my "Fanfare" if you don't mind my using it... That is a great time-honored tradition among composers, BTW. The classical composers, in particular thought nothing of using themes and motives from any other composer. They were just "tools" to them, and so they should be to us as well, I believe.

    Hope you are coming along nicely...

    Arvid Hand

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    Re: Melancholia

    Quote Originally Posted by bionicbub View Post
    A motif from your "Melancholia" will appear in my "Fanfare" if you don't mind my using it...
    I'll SUE! I'll SUE!!

    Just kidding! Feel free!

    BTW- Looked around some of my MIDI junk the other day and found a sketch I was gonna use for "M"'s second "movement" I'll post soon.


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