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Topic: How to improve my Garritan Steinway sound

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    How to improve my Garritan Steinway sound

    I've just begin making some classical recordings using the Garritan (Standard) and my Roland FP7, along with ProTools LE7. I'm not at all savvy as to how to tweak my sound, and suddenly I remembered this forum, where I haven't posted in ages. And the thought occurred to me that maybe somebody would have a thought or observation that might lead me in a new direction.

    So, if you get a chance, please check out the recordings I just uploaded, and if you have any suggestions at all as to how I might improve my sound, I'd be grateful!


    By the way, when I arrived at this forum today, it brought a big smile to my face to see John Grant's post. I'm honored to have my message sit right alongside yours, John! It was you who first opened my ears, at least 8 or so years ago, to the possibilities of making beautiful classical recordings without an acoustic.

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    Re: How to improve my Garritan Steinway sound

    Thanks for the kind words, Bruce. I've been out of the loop for a few years. It's been a useful time, because technology has advanced, I hope, to the point where some of the big hitters of the sampled piano world can be realistically played, and recorded, in real time.

    What I was forced to do in "the old days," was use a synth--preferably one with a decent touch--to play in material; then I would listen to the midi result through various sampled pianos. The two-step process was necessitated by the fact that--as everyone knows--what the big samples lack in playability they make up for in realistic sound.

    The limiting factor has always been read-speed, for want of a better description, which is dependent on hard drive speed, sound card, cpu, etc...

    So now that I'm getting back in to the scene, I'm thinking, I'm hoping, I'm praying that maybe the latency issue--or more generally the playability issue--on the really good samples is a solved problem.


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