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Topic: Articulation Add-on?

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    Articulation Add-on?

    On the Guide To MIDI Orchestration page, there is a .pdf document that reviews some actual Orchestral Librays -including GPO.
    Paul Gilreath seems to be in direct contact to Gary Garritan.
    There he wrote about future articulation add-ons for GPO.

    Have there been any, or will there be any, ever?

    Can I do my own articulation set/switch for an instrument?
    Especially useful would be: Sforzando for brass, advanced string articulations- i.e. Spiccato, Con sordino and Sul ponticello

    That would be fairly interesting!

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    Re: Articulation Add-on?

    In NOTION 3 you can, in others i don't know.

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    Re: Articulation Add-on?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dule View Post
    In NOTION 3 you can, in others i don't know.
    Ok, but since I hear there should be official add-ons coming- I wonder if this will ever happen!

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    Re: Articulation Add-on?

    i agree, it would be cool to customise ks in it, not trough notation programs.

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