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Topic: Vienna Horn Variations

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    Vienna Horn Variations

    This demo is for the Vienna horn and piano. It is a Theme and Variations form in a more traditional style.

    Just note that the jumpier passages like fast staccatos may be a bit demanding in this piece for a vienna horn player. I put them in to show these articulations are part of the library.

    Vienna Horn Variations

    (Again this vienna horn is from the VSL download section)

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    Re: Vienna Horn Variations

    I don't care for this one nearly as much as your other ones. Something about the reverb doesn't quite sound right to me. It's nice, but something's off. It doesn't quite have that same amazing amount of realism that I've heard from your other demos.

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    Re: Vienna Horn Variations

    Oh well, different genres for different folks.

    I'm quite fond of this little demo actually.



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    Re: Vienna Horn Variations

    a really wonderful track. I love it. and personally, love your reverb choice. is it MIR? Altiverb?

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    Re: Vienna Horn Variations

    Thanks Alex!

    It's just Altiverb.

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