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Topic: Tribute to Greyfriars Bobby

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    Tribute to Greyfriars Bobby (a very special dog)

    Disregard this post.

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    Re: Tribute to Greyfriars Bobby

    Hi Sean

    I was intrigued by the title of this piece, being familiar with the subject matter, and was pleasantly surprised to find a well developed, skillfully rendered and very enjoyable string quartet.

    The frequent voice over (for copyright purposes I assume?) did put me off a little at times though and seems totally unnecessary, but otherwise, congratulations on a fine piece of music.


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    Re: Tribute to Greyfriars Bobby


    Thank you for your kind words about my music.

    I’m sorry you were burdened with the annoyance of listening to that “sound-marked” file.

    Unfortunately, ever since the extremely unpleasant experience of finding one of my compositions posted on a forum by someone else under his claim of authorship, I have resolved to forever sound-mark my recordings after an initial unmarked presentation of a new work.

    If you are interested in hearing the unadulterated file, I invite you to follow the updated link provided above.


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    Re: Tribute to Greyfriars Bobby

    Hi Sean;
    I cannot get that link to work for me, now, or when you first posted it.

    sd cisco

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