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Topic: The Cage (JABB Iteration 4)

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    The Cage (JABB Iteration 4)

    Charles Ives wrote a number of excellent art songs during the years he was actively composing. Presented here is an adaptation of one of his art songs, The Cage, from 1906 written for piano / vocal transcribed to modern Jazz Ensemble using Garritan Jazz and Big Band sample set + Garritan Personal Orchestra choir plus two added audio tracks - voice and guitar. Scored in Sonar 8.5

    Here are the lyrics

    A leopard went around his cage
    from one side back to the other side;
    he stopped only when the keeper came around with meat;
    A boy who had been there three hours
    began to wonder, "Is life anything like that?"

    online listen

    Info on Ives http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Ives

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    Re: The Cage (JABB Iteration 4)

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    Re: The Cage (JABB Iteration 4)

    Very good indeed! I have always enjoyed the work of Ives and it is great to hear your adaptation of "The Cage". I think I have listened to "Jazz Fusion" off and on, since it began.
    I have been to the Toronto Jazz Festival and seen many of the greats perform. I once saw Allan Holdsworth perform at the Masonic Temple, and years earlier, I watched Janis Joplin on the same stage, with a bottle of Bourbon at her feet, or was it Southern Comfort?
    Anyway Holdsworth delivered, and without the Bourbon!

    Thanks for posting your work, I happen to really like variety and enjoyed this very much!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: The Cage (JABB Iteration 4)

    Hi Chris

    I found this a challenging listen at first, and so took me several listenings and a little exploration of your other "experimental" pieces to really appreciate it.

    I never realised there were quite so many tuning schemes available! ... and I've enjoyed your exploration of all the ones I've had time to listen to so far.

    Your Ives piece stands separate to these and in the end I really felt in need of a little more on the art song front, so had to turn to Philip Glass' Songs For Liquid days to fulfil it.

    Found the original Ives songs on YouTube now, but with the piano/vocal only arrangement they lean more towards 19th century Schubertian/lieder art form than I'd like, so would be great to hear more from the Ives collection with your modern/experimental twist.

    Was the use of the C-A-G-E-D chord near the end deliberate do you know?

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    Re: The Cage (JABB Iteration 4)


    Thanks for the listens and comments.

    The harmony for The Cage includes a large number of chords built on stacked 4ths. I just happen to like that sort of thing. As for the CAGED chord - my guess would be yes, but I don't know for sure.

    As far as alternate tunings go - there are a large number of identified tunings that microtonalists have identified as having musical value. Quite a number of them go beyond the equal steps we are used to in 12 equal divisions of an octave and instead have steps of two or more differing sizes.

    This is a great site to browse for more microtonal information

    Also, since the Aria player supports .scl files there are literally thousands of pre-made tunings to try at the Scala program site

    Look for the scale archive at the bottom of the page.


    Someone here asked "why microtonal"?

    My answer is - I can write music in new harmonies, new melodies, and its a challenge to do which I like. There are few if any rules - the composers exploring microtonality are creating the rules just like how Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, and Wagner created rules for 12 equal so long ago and I really like that idea.

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