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Topic: Adagio for piano

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    Adagio for piano

    A light piece for piano using Finale 2009+GPO. This is my first finished composition in about two years :-(. I hope my next one will be sooner than that.



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    Re: Adagio for piano

    It's quite well constructed, but it's a genre that has a lot of competition. In this style you can be compared with Hadyn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. I recognize clear Beethovian features, e.g. in the way the theme is treated, and in the connections between the phrases, but harmonically it's more modern, and it also has some baroque features. That makes it a bit inconsistent, e.g. when the accompaniment switches from chords to counterpoint to arpeggios and back. Towards the end it feels a bit more consistent. But ... that's in comparison to these musical Titans.

    Overall, it's well crafted, I can recognize the amount of work that has gone into it, and it's a good listen. Well done.

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