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Topic: New Release: Carousel

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    New Release: Carousel

    From the Sonokinetic heritage,
    We’re proud to present another genuine first,
    “Carousel” a fairground barrel organ. This library will give you full access to an original authentic Carousel barrel organ to compose your music with. Without hiring a music role producer, renting and evacuating a fun fair, cleaning the steam engines of excessive noise, pitching the organ and endlessly riding the Carousel. Just load up your Kontakt 4 in 64 bit, set your voice polyphony to 300 and off you go.
    With this instrument we’ve gone the whole nine yards and tried to capture it’s unique original distinctive sound. And in post production we spend a lot of time editing pitch, acoustics and tune to come up with an instrument patch that captures your imagination, takes you straight into the funfair and is easy to handle inside your DAW.

    The instrument patch goes with the proven effective Sonokinetic kontakt tab configuration. Covering all ten registers, the percussion set, an acoustic perfect impulse response unit and an ingenious sample mapping solution to map all registers including the percussion on a 76 master keyboard range. Deep scripting of this instrument patch makes it perform like the real thing. Register knobs and stops are added for single play or tutti with or without percussion.
    Our motto “Original, Effective, Intensive and Affordable” is written all over this Sonokinetic production.

    Life long pass: €19,90
    You want to take a ride?:

    Interface preview
    Main view:

    Optimum Est Musica

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    Re: New Release: Carousel

    This seems to be very cool!

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    Re: New Release: Carousel

    Sounds really great. It's great that the percussion is included...those little things really give the details in a library like this.

    Zem Brooker

    Principal Researcher, Audio Genetics Lab

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    Re: New Release: Carousel

    Haha awesome!!! =)
    Film Composer - www.juhanalehtiniemi.com
    My latest project: Our first indie pop -single, produced in Ableton Live, available also on iTunes and Amazon
    Mac Pro 6-core 3.33GHz

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    Re: New Release: Carousel

    I have really happy memories of this sound. In our town we had an 'Elizabethan' market, with a hog roast, sword swallowers, fire eaters, snake charmers, etc. And every year a truck arrived, on which one side pulled off to reveal a giant steam organ, decorated with tiny figurines who moved in time with the music, and appeared to be playing the percussion. OK it was steam powered, and not in a carousel, but essentially the same instrument that I spent a lot of my childhood marvelling at. I've waited so long for a sampled one. Thanks guys!

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    Re: New Release: Carousel

    Nice, I like most the 5 register-up-only demo.
    I wonder if the steam organ is already sampled? H.

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    Re: New Release: Carousel

    I'm delighted and dismayed. I understand the scripting would require Kontakt 4 and hopefully the free Kontakt 4 player would work. But 64 bit? Why would a 1/2 gigabyte library that I would consider "incidental", as opposed to piano and strings, have a greater system requirement than a 3 gig library like Alicia Keys?

    If I sound frustrated it's because this would be a great addition to my current wireless AX7 keyboard + desktop outdoor gig system, especially for my farmer's market gigs (yes, I do get paid). The price is right and the kids would love it. Unfortunately, that desktop is only XP.

    I think you've severely limited your market.


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    Re: New Release: Carousel

    Quote Originally Posted by ohernie View Post
    I'm delighted and dismayed. I understand the scripting would require Kontakt 4 and hopefully the free Kontakt 4 player would work. But 64 bit?
    Hopefully Sonokinetic will see this and reply, but I think that's a misprint. I am using Carousel in plain old Kontakt 4.1 in a x86 version of Windows XP/SP3 with no problems.

    And it is brilliant, by the way.

    I really like this small, specialized library approach that so many companies seem to be taking these days. Sonokinetic has provided me with some really useful tools lately, as have so many others.

    Keep them coming!!!
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: New Release: Carousel

    Great product for the price! I will add this one to my list.
    "I would rather compose than decompose."

    Sean C. Dockery

    Cubase 5, Komplete 6, Alchemy, PLAY, Vienna Instruments, Spectrasonics, and much more

    INTEL|CORE I7 980X 3.33G, 12G CORSAIR DDR3, SSD 160G|OCZ for OS.

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    Re: New Release: Carousel

    Hi Guys

    Here's the update patch and a couple of samples to upgrade your sample pool with.


    About the EXS patch:
    We're having major problems getting this EXS function like the patch we build for Kontakt. Caused by some bugs in Logic that prevent us using KS.(EXS24 player misses some MIDI note off events, and if you have a looped note, it will keep playing as you were still holding down the key. This is a known bug in the current EXS24 when you use release groups, and Apple is already aware about this.)

    Hope you don't mind but we'll postpone or cancel EXS releases for the time being.

    Enjoy! 0oD

    and about the 64BIT...
    It also runs perfectly in 32 BIT. But you'll need a version of Kontakt 4.1.1 for this to work.
    Let us know what other sample format you guys would like to see this in.
    We've been hammering on the EXS , but as you can read, that's proven to me inefficient for the time being.
    Optimum Est Musica

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