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Topic: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

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    Smile Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

    Glad I found this section. Purchased JABB3 September 6. This is my first project, called "Yes You Are". I'm absolutely in love with the program and what it has allowed me to do for my music. I've always wanted to have a soulful horn section at my disposal and Garritan has given it to me at an incredibly reasonable price. In addition to the brass, I love the Steinway and the acoustic bass, which I also used here. Everything here is from JABB except the drums, which are Toontracks EZDrummer.

    I ask the users here who are familiar with this program to give me tips to improve it. I use a Yamaha PSR 295 digital keyboard as a controller, but it lacks a modulation and pitch bend wheel. I cannot afford a better MIDI keyboard at this time. My sequencer/recording program, Samplitude Music Studio 2008 does allow me to access many MIDI commands via automated mixdown using a mouse. Here I've used cresendo/decresendo in the horns in the second and third verses and some trumpet "falloffs",though they are a bit hard to hear.

    The section between 1:35 and 1:50 where the brass is playing over the vocal sounds a bit weak in the brass part. Any tips on how to make the horns more "ballsey" there? EQ tips, reverb? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Love this program and look forward to making new friends here. I look forward to listening to what other creative folks are doing with Garritan's fine products.

    September 29, 2010-Guitar track added by Marc Halikas

    John B.

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    Thumbs up Re: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

    Hi John

    I really like this song and to my ear at least it has a quite polished finish to it already.

    It has a nice groove and I hear a strong Prog Rock influence in the vocal line which appeals to me, I like the use of the megaphone sound for the title line, and it is well sung ... I assume the vocal is yourself, but it is an original song, too, isn't it?

    I'm impressed even if it is a cover.

    The synthetic sounding brass is the only thing that lets it down, as you've pointed out yourself.

    I don't have JABB myself, but I understand the brass sound quite good "out of the box", so I wonder if the main problem here it if you've got all the brass parts coming through a single output in the Aria player.

    If you can get them coming out of separate audio outputs and make sure that the volume levels within Aria for each of the brass instruments is set to 0dB (though I think this might be the default setting in Aria) you should be able to get a louder sound for each instrument so that you can balance them out more in the mix - perhaps pan them wider so they can each have their own space a little rather then be so bunched up together, as I think they are.

    Beyond that you may need to at least add some convolution reverb to the brass parts and once you can get them sounding louder in the mix, someone may be able to advise better what EQ to look into to give each instrument more presence and tone ... that's an area of particular interest to me, but I'm still learning to master brass sounds so its probably best not to give you any specific advice myself just yet, but I'd be very interested in any further advice you get for it.

    Great work! And I do hope others give it a listen.

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    Re: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

    Thanks Peter!
    The song is original.
    Not sure what you mean "separate outputs", but how I do it is I have each horn on it's own channel and through a separate Aria player for that channel.

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    Re: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

    The song indeed has some prog influences, but I also find some things harking back to the 50s, and some modern R&B. It's a good song, and the arrangement is quite juicy too. Too bad that the horns don't sound the way you like, but that's a matter of learning. Sample libraries are complex things. The instruments don't sound synthetic, just a bit thin. Perhaps you should push them harder (not to modest with the CC1), and add some bass in the mix; a different reverb might help too. Compression might also help, but perhaps there's someone with better ears that can give more detailed advice. Nice job.

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    Re: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

    Hey, thank you kindly, FLW!
    The brass influence was actually 60s Memphis Soul (ala "Walkin' The Dog" and "Last Night" by the Markays, if you remember them.

    Actually, the horns sound good enough for me. It's just that on some of these music sites, they expect MIDI to sound real, and they rip the crap out of it in reviews if it doesn't. I tell them "I don't pretend to be a big producer so why should I necessarily expect my horns (and anything else, for that matter) to sound real." Sometimes I think they just like to hear themselves be snobby.

    Thanks again for your kind words!


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    Re: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

    Hi John,

    To my ears horns sound quite OK in that 1:35 to 1:50 interval, even as they live in roughly the same frequency band as the voice. And your voice fits perfectly well in with the song style!

    I'm curious how do JABB saxophones sound: I once had an experience with Chris Hein Horns saxes and while it's potentially a good stuff, I was unable to efficiently manage them because I guess of some unpredictability of Kontakt player they're based upon - well in my hands anyway...

    I might have possibly softened the thumping sounds of piano and drums just a tad, to make the voice stand out a bit more and make the overall sound a little lighter but I guess it's my taste only:-)


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    Re: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

    Thanks for listening. Alex!
    I appreciate it.
    IMHO the JABB saxes sound quite nice. The ARIA player is very easy to operate.

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    Re: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

    I really enjoyed the tune voclizr. Thanks for posting that.

    I understand what you mean about the brass. It's been my complaint with sampled brass in general. That is there's not much fullness or presence in the sound. I don't have any suggestions for you. It does sound like some eq experimentation might bring those qualities out though.

    Anyway a very well crafted and well performed tune. Thanks again.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3


    John, great job on this. Well arranged, well put together, and well written.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this.

    Keep it coming!


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Yes You Are-Made with JABB3

    Steve & David-Thanks so much. From such distinguished and talented gentlemen as you both, it means alot.
    John B.

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