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Topic: Midi set up help

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    Midi set up help

    Hey everyone I think this will be the last thing I need help with and ill be good. Recently I got some help here, a step by step to get me started and im on this step here
    "There should be a dialog called "FX: Track 1 ..." ... select the Options > "Build 16 channels of MIDI routing to this track - 16 new tracks should be created.

    You can check out the routing on each track from its "IO" button. All the MIDI tracks send their data to the VST track, which sends it to Aria, and then receives the audio outputs back from Aria, sending to the corresponding audio tracks.

    7. Set up the instruments you require in Aria, choosing suitable MIDI inputs channels and audio outputs for each."

    So I made the 16 tracks but however I dont know much about setting the midi inputs and outputs for them so if someone could help me set them accordingly that would be awesome. Thanks again

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    Re: Midi set up help

    maybe my question doesnt make sense? If you need clarification on what I mean please ask.

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    Re: Midi set up help

    It may clarify things if it was known what sequencer software are you using.

    In SONAR when you initially select an ARIA vst there is an option for all 16 of the MIDI and audio tracks per ARIA player to be loaded for you as the vst loads. All connected as they should be and set up just right.
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    Re: Midi set up help

    Hello again, donnynoir

    You're quoting Peter's post explaining how to use Reaper which you chose to use for your sequencer. He was answering you as the one who probably knows more about using Reaper than anyone else on this Forum. So I suggest you contact Peter directly for a more thorough explanation of those steps, since you need more information.

    On the face of it, and from my brief experience with Reaper, it seems to me that some basic things like setting up MIDI tracks to match audio tracks is done differently in that program than in the more standard sequencers like Sonar and Cubase - so I can't really offer you advice that I could be confident about. It seems like it should be straight-forward enough - matching MIDI tracks with the corresponding slots in Aria, but I wouldn't want to answer for certain since I'm not a Reaper expert.

    Either post a question directly to Peter about Reaper, or contact him directly through PM - you can do that by looking at the menu under his name. I'm sure he can fill in the blanks for you.


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    Re: Midi set up help

    Hi Donny,

    The process in Reaper is pretty much as outlined above, except that the output channels in the Aria player plugin aren't assigned automatically.

    On the Aria player plugin (which will be the first track assigned), you'll notice the numbers '1/2' against each channel. Click on those digits for each channel and you can select the output channel pair you want for each instrument channel (i.e. 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 etc.).

    One thing I didn't mention in my post on your VM keyboard thread is that you'll need to select 'Virtual Keyboard' as your MIDI input source on the Aria player track in Reaper (right-click on the dropbox that says 'MIDI: All Channels' for the context menu to select this). The Virtual Keyboard window will also need to be active in the Docker panel for you to use the laptop keyboard.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Midi set up help

    Hi Donnynoir

    I wouldn't say I know more about Reaper than anyone on this forum - seems like there's quite a few long-time Repear fans around here - but if I've left gaps in my other instructions I'd be happy to help work through them with you, I certainly should be the one who knows most about what I was trying to say!

    Probably best you PM me direct as Randy suggests to let me know where you're up to now and any points we can't work out offline your can bring back to forum.


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