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Topic: TONIO....vocaloids new singer

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    TONIO....vocaloids new singer

    anyone using this singer certalnly impressive demo.............GUY B is the man to make him a star.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ_9Oz0pPJY

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    Re: TONIO....vocaloids new singer

    Sadly, Vocaloid (2) is still only PC compatible, even though Yamaha stated years ago that they realized the importance of having an official version for the Mac as well. And even after several years of development, I'm also not sure it's even much better today than it was, for example 3 years ago...just different voices. Some skill is required to achieve results, and even then, it's not always what one hoped for. When I was on PC, I found the two singers I had useful in some situations, but still felt Vocaloid had be developed further before it would live up to expectations. 3.5 out of 5 stars...maybe.
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    Re: TONIO....vocaloids new singer

    The timbre of the singer is good, but as with other Vocaloid libraries, the artefacts are still so very obvious.

    At the moment the developers are busy with Vocaloid 3 which is supposed to give improved databases and a much better speech synthesis engine as well as a friendlier and easier to use interface.

    Yamaha recently has released a Japanese pop singer in the Vocaloid series, 'VY1' or 'Mizki' which features improved soundbanks (even though the synthesis engine is still Vocaloid 2).
    In a clip featuring this new Vocaloid singer I can't hear any of the usual artifacts, plus the singer sounds very expressive.
    It makes me look forward to the next generation of Vocaloid 3 singers.

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    Re: TONIO....vocaloids new singer

    Quote Originally Posted by Jan View Post
    The timbre of the singer is good, but as with other Vocaloid libraries, the artefacts are still so very obvious.
    Fortunately a solution to this is already in the making, which involves no more work on Yamaha's part. Real life vocalists all seem to be obsessed with achieving a sound not unlike Vocaloid, through the over-application of Autotune. So soon you won't be able to tell the difference.

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    Smile Re: TONIO....vocaloids new singer

    yes your right ..Gerbils on helium seems to be the flow of things....yet ive heard a few demos ..cant think who they were....was it Miriam ...her voice based on Miriam Stockley... she was charming and wafting her way through `fly me to the moon`..

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