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Topic: Gigastudio disappointment???

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    Gigastudio disappointment???

    A lot of disappointment-letters posted now about Gigastudio - however I haven\'t found a SINGLE line about the actual product. How does the 160 voice polyphony work, how is the user interface, how are the NFX plugins, the library/search-functions. Anyone care to write about the PROGRAM and not just about the colour of the package or the lack of a printed manual (both of which I don\'t really give a damn f*ck.... ).
    I\'m upgrading in 1 week or so, so it would be nice to hear how it turned out.


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    Re: Gigastudio disappointment???

    It doesn\'t matter how good a product is if the manufacturer is not going to give us any clues as to how to use it. I am returning my GigaStudio160 today.

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    Re: Gigastudio disappointment???

    I\'m still waiting for my copy. My charge card has been charged but no software. I also don\'t care what the packaging looks like. As far as not having a printed manual, about 80% of the programs I use both at home and on the job, only have disk based manuals. (Including Win98 and WinNT.) It\'s more important to me if the software produces the results it claims it can.

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    Re: Gigastudio disappointment???

    Hi All
    Thanks for your Prompt feedback on the giga studio.Everyone here has been dying to know about it. Im also going to wait a few weeks before I upgrade to it .
    I would also prefer a printed manual ,but I can live with haveing one on the cd instead. I just want to echo the sentement that ,I am more interested in the functionality of giga studio instead of cosmetic packaging and lack of printed manual etc. thanks , Ken

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