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Topic: Is this Omnisphere?

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    Is this Omnisphere?

    This is the new mobile studio called of Michael Cretu from Enigma. It's nicknamed MERLIN.

    Is that Omnisphere on the screen? I know he's been a long time user of Spectrasonics products.

    He has come a long way.

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    Re: Is this Omnisphere?

    i can spot it in the upper left corner of the screen.
    Cool controller! Probably custom built i suppose.

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    Re: Is this Omnisphere?

    Very cool!

    Surround Monitoring System:

    Merlin features one monitoring control unit which offers broad range of production possibilities from stereo production up to surround sound formats (5.1, 6.1 and 7.1). The central control unit for sound monitoring is the Base management device that controls the customized monitors ADAM 6.5 AMC. Based on this system we can also supply small-scale and compact solutions.

    Control Surface:

    The control surface is based on Euphonix MC Control (middle) and MC Mix (right) enhanced with a custom-designed panel on the left. This section features a program changer that facilitate access to and processing of certain parameters. It complements a modified surround control unit (supporting 7.1 surround) combined with a high-quality realtime-analyzer. Merlin comes with a master keyboard with 88 half weighted keys.

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    Re: Is this Omnisphere?

    That full studio picture is overwhelming. That's a lot of gear to keep in order.
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    Re: Is this Omnisphere?

    May the force be with him, sorry i ment to say may omnisphere be with him.

    Very nice


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