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Topic: Breath of Dawn (Piccolo demo)

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    Breath of Dawn (Piccolo demo)

    This is a demo dedicated to the flute piccolo in an orchestral setting.

    (piccolo is from the VSL downloads)

    Breath of Dawn

    Comments are welcomed.

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    Re: Breath of Dawn (Piccolo demo)

    Nice work!
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    Re: Breath of Dawn (Piccolo demo)

    Thanks Mr Anxiety.

    BTW, an intro has been added.

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    Re: Breath of Dawn (Piccolo demo)

    Hey Guy,

    Great, as always. Really shows off the pure bright sound of the piccolo that is so often over looked.

    One thing you may want to consider is that the piccolo is very quiet in it's lower range, and I'm not sure you would hear it nearly as well as you have it if this were being performed by a real orchestra. (not to mention, it tends to be even "breathier" in this range, which is something I wasn't quite hearing) I think a little more contrast in the dynamics between the higher range and the lower range would really blow people away. In addition to playing piccolo (not great but that's besides the point ), I sit 2 chairs away from one in band (we have an excellent player). The difference between the volume of the lower register, and the upper register is quite remarkable, and something I'm not sure most people stop to consider. Then again, I doubt most people would really care, or notice.

    I also think you might want to consider giving the "player" a little more room to breath between phrases. I can hear pauses, but sometimes it doesn't quite sound like there's enough room to get a "breath" in there.

    Really great job. I'm probably being overly picky here, as I'm sure most non wind players would think that this is the best sounding piccolo they've ever heard.

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    Re: Breath of Dawn (Piccolo demo)

    Thanks so much Michael! I really appreciate this sort of feedback. I realized I was adding volume to the lower register, and the reason I did is I found it appealing, had some interesting harmonics that I imagine you don't normally hear because of soft volume of that register, as you mentioned. So I guess it's one advantage of virtual made music, you could get some extra sounds that you normally wouldn't. But on the other hand it makes it less realistic as you said. I also remember playing with a flautist and sometimes he'd play the piccolo, I could remember him making a storm of wind In his case it was a bit annoying.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen, and you've given me something to think about.


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