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Topic: Elegie (string orchestra, GPO vs. live)

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    Elegie (string orchestra, GPO vs. live)

    This is my first piece for string orchestra. Actually, it's an expansion of a piece I originally wrote for concert band many years ago. Don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner that it was a great match for strings. The first version is GPO, straight out of Finale 2010 - a pretty stiff performance, but as usual it gave me what I needed before turning it loose on humans. Second is the actual live version, performed by a very talented group of high schoolers at a local string camp.

    Elegie (GPO-Finale)

    Elegie (University of Texas-Arlington summer string camp orchestra LIVE)

    Hope you enjoy.

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    Re: Elegie (string orchestra, GPO vs. live)

    Hi David.
    Maybe it sounds strange, but beginning a working day with an elegie could be a positive experience.
    I enjoied your composition and I wish to congratulate the players of University-etc.-etc.-Orchestra for their performance: a talented composer served by a talented ensemble.
    I must add that I liked the underneath theme of the cellos, in the moving central part: it accomplishes my tastes more than the leading one.
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    Re: Elegie (string orchestra, GPO vs. live)


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    Re: Elegie (string orchestra, GPO vs. live)

    that was simply wonderful! especially the live version!

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    Re: Elegie (string orchestra, GPO vs. live)

    Beautiful piece! And you are right - they are a talented group of students. Good intonation, excellent ensemble playing, and they clearly follow the conductor (nice rubato).

    The piece sounds very playable, and not too difficult - all the more impressive that you made a very touching work. Great job.

    Enjoyed this a lot.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Elegie (string orchestra, GPO vs. live)

    That was really nice!

    I'd do a little cleanup in the live version though, just to get rid of some of the background noises - it certainly deserves it.

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    Re: Elegie (string orchestra, GPO vs. live)

    Hi there David!
    I agree with the preceding, positive remarks and found enjoyment in both versions. Congratulations on having it performed Live, there has always been a paucity of such comparative versions, GPO then Live, posted here, at least that I've seen. I think this a very constructive presentation you have made. And since my reality, like most, is very restrictive, in regards to the availability of a competent orchestra to do the job, the take-away is a chance to really consider the gap between VSTi and Live, and work as best we can to make it narrower.
    Or, maybe start rubbing shoulders with the local symphony-set, chat-up the musical director................... hmmmm?

    Thanks for posting!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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