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Topic: Issues converting REX with SAGE Conveter 1.6

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    Issues converting REX with SAGE Conveter 1.6

    Hi guys,
    I am trying to install some Zero-G REX disks with the SAGE converter. When I try to drop the folder over the sage converter- it does the conversion (supposedly). But when i open up the folder in RMX- all I get is the folder names and no samples. I was able to convert a RAW disk from esoundz- it worked- but for some reason- none of my Zero-G's are installing- any ideas or suggestions?

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    Re: Issues converting REX with SAGE Conveter 1.6

    Well, I answered my own issue- so will leave it here for anyone who stumbles across the same issue.
    Even though I rebuilt my MBP and did a fresh install of Logic Studio- (and fresh install of Stylus)- it didn't have the latest REX shared library. I must have been using an older one (the date of the one in the Sage converter directory showed 2004). I installed the lastest from Propellerheads and now don't have the issue.

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