Hi, first of all congratulations for this great forum!
Now.... I need some help with my new Doepfer R2M.
I´ve seen that amazing trombone solo video, and I´d like to learn to use the R2M exactly on that way.
So, how I should set the Ribbon Controller to get that "original pitch at the center" effect?
I´ve tried many options but I couldn´t get it...
It´s a R2M preset?
Moreover...I must change any parameter from my sound generator (synth)?
I´d like to control my Yamaha Motif, and some Mac virtual instruments, like the Minimonsta or Moog Modular, etc...
I´ve been looking for R2M information, tutorials, etc.. with Google, but.. it´s really hard to find some help

I´ll be very thankful with any information...
So thank you very much in advance and regards!