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Topic: New Release - Post Estonia Grand!

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    Re: New Release - Post Estonia Grand!

    Mmm... nice warm tone. Do you have any
    specs or pricing info posted yet?

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    Re: New Release - Post Estonia Grand!

    Sounds very nice Worra!

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    Re: New Release - Post Estonia Grand!

    Very nice and transparent sound!
    Are there any demos for pp and sustain layers to listen to? Where can I get the piano?

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    Re: New Release - Post Estonia Grand!

    Thank you Sam!
    Demos: hope I get some time tomorrow to make a couple of nice demos. I\'ll take some special attention for those pp, p and sustain layers.
    Also there is this very realistic release layer (in 3 velocity dimensions), hope I can get that recorded in a nice demo.
    The library will be in the shop at www.biggagiggas.com
    I have no idea about the availability of the cd, we have to get a couple of small details sorted out before it\'s released. Keep looking at worrasplace.com for release date.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: New Release - Post Estonia Grand!

    Yet another demo of the Estonia Grand, this demonstrates the p and mf layers. http://www.worrasplace.com/demos/DemoPostEstonia_p_mf.MP3

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    Re: New Release - Post Estonia Grand!

    Yowsie, I\'m in! Looking forward to the release. Good job folks - seems like you addressed many of the desires arising from the existing piano sets.

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    Re: New Release - Post Estonia Grand!

    To Michiel Post
    Thank you for the new demo! This seams to be the sound I am lookig for: transparent but still warm. I built a special grandpiano for giga sounds to reproduce real grand feeling. So maybe with your sound the illusion gets perfect.
    Sam White

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    Re: New Release - Post Estonia Grand!

    transparent but still warm

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the compliment! The instrument I recorded did the job for me. My main concern was to make an expressive ( dark when soft and bright when loud) instrument. This is still very difficult. The separate layers (p,mf, f, ff) suddenly sound quite different from each other when you listen very closely. To avoid audible gaps or \"jumps\" in the spectrum you have to use filters.
    I hope this instrument fills the gap many users experience when using the standard piano sets.

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