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Topic: Trilian system settings

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    Trilian system settings

    i am getting pops and crackles from trilian. i have it open in sonar 8 with no other instrument loaded. i am on a pc which is 2.79ghz, I7 core and 12 gigs of ram. right now the system settings are, starting with memory, it says process limit, under streaming, the streaming is on, pre load memory size is 25000, mumber of bytes is 99999, lock memory is on, stream read ahead is on stream brake is .10. under miscellaneous the switch to layer upon activation is on, sync tabbed panes together is on, roun robin is no variation. the instrument that is loaded is tr-slo wide fretless -full range. what needs to be change so i can get rid of the pops and crackles. thanks for any help, rick ranum

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    Re: Trilian system settings

    When you have a question about a Spectrasonics product, be sure to check the knowledgebase at support.spectrasonics.net. For example, try searching for "SONAR" or "crackles" or "streaming" or "performance".

    - Glenn
    Glenn O

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