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Topic: 64 bit on Mac

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    64 bit on Mac

    I plan to buy a new Mac Pro. This system is 64 bit by default. Is there an estimate when 64 bit Mac support will be available for GPO and JABB? If not, once this support is available, will I be able to upgrade without cost to the version of GPO and JABB that has this support?

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    Re: 64 bit on Mac

    Unfortunately I am on the last of the 32-bit Mac Pros, but I did some research for you on the subject anyway. On Mac OS X Snow Leopard, it is easily possible to run 32-bit applications on a 64-bit kernel. If the 32-bit applications fail to run as desired, it is easily possible to fall back to a 32 bit kernel through a little bit of manipulation of configuration files.

    Take note that all 32-bit applications will be limited to 4 GB of RAM, even though you are on a 64-bit system.

    So as far as I can see, there should be no issue. You can try it out, but I would recommend waiting for a second opinion from somebody using a 64-bit Mac so as to provide some verification to this problem.
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    Re: 64 bit on Mac

    Thanks CJ Pro for researching this question. I imagine others are interested in it as well, so your work should not only benefit me, but other Garritan library users as well.

    I have a follow up question. Specifically, if I use GPO or JABB with a 64-bit application like Logic, is the 4 GB limitation still in effect? Or would it be 4 GB per Logic instantiation of the Garritan Library (assuming Logic uses concurrency to speed up processing, e.g., each track is processed concurrently).

    I'm not sure where you found this information, but if you point me in the right direction I will investigate this as well.

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    Re: 64 bit on Mac

    Hi dnessett,

    My understanding is that 64 bit MAC support is currently available.

    I tested the beta version of 64 bit ARIA for MAC about four months ago, and it was working. All of the new Garritan libraries are played within the ARIA player, so ARIA is the main thing to look at when deciding compatability. While I'm not up to date on the current development details, the latest version of the ARIA engine latest issue was released on Aug 23.

    Technical details are available here: http://www.ariaengine.com/overview

    In response to your first question:
    Supports Multiple Platforms: ARIA-based products are currently available for these platforms: MAC OS X 10.4 and higher (PPC32, PPC64, Intel32 and Intel64) and Windows XP and Vista (both 32 and 64 bits). A native Linux version is also in the works. Works as standalone, plug-in (VST 2.4 -VST 3.0 – AudioUnits -RTAS), and supported notation programs.

    Specifically, if I use GPO or JABB with a 64-bit application like Logic, is the 4 GB limitation still in effect? Or would it be 4 GB per Logic instantiation of the Garritan Library (assuming Logic uses concurrency to speed up processing, e.g., each track is processed concurrently)
    If you use a 64-bit operating system with a 64-bit application, then of course you would almost certainly want to use the 64-bit ARIA player with your Garritan Library. There would be no 4GB limit with this configuration. If you used the 32-bit ARIA player in Logic, then I would expect that there would be a seperate 4GB limit for each instance of the player--but I'm not absolutely certain of this (one of the ARIA developers would be able to give a better answer, but right now tis the weekend). Luckily, you don't have to do this as a 64-bit version is available for both indows Wnd MAC.

    I hope this helps,

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    Re: 64 bit on Mac

    Mac user here, with Logic. My experience has been to run Logic in 32 bit mode and stick with it until 64 bit has marinated a bit more. There are performance issues, a few odd bugs (none too major) and (more major) VI compatibility issues when mixing 32 bit and 64 bit that just are not worth the headache. At least to me they aren't.

    If you aren't running into any limitations with memory at this point I wouldn't try to fix what ain't broke. Most VIs that require more than 2 gig, say running a large library in Kontakt, have a solution built in like the Kontakt Memory Server. Or use 64 bit Bidule.

    If you want more details on running in 64 bit go over to LogicProHelp.com and check out the scene there. It is very helpful.

    Last thought - you have no reason to need 64 bit to run Garritan libs. They all sit perfectly well in a 32 bit environment.

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    Re: 64 bit on Mac

    Thanks to everyone who replied. You have convinced me that using 32 bit until 64 bit Logic/Garritan is somewhat more mature is the way to go.

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    Re: 64 bit on Mac

    i don't have aria - all my garritan stuff is kontakt - but i do use it with Logic on my mac. if you have more than 4 gbs of ram, by all means run logic in 64-bit mode. i'm pretty sure that all of Logic's plugins are now 64 bit, so you can utilize more ram.

    when i had 4gb of ram on my mac i ran it in 32 bit mode. i only did this so i didn't have to use the 32 bit bridge thing. now that i've updated my computer to 12gb of ram i run logic in 64 bit mode and it smokes. i have not experienced any bugs whatsoever in 64 bit, and i did in 32 bit. the only weird thing is when you quit logic it will take a few moments longer if you have the 32 bit bridge open.
    -Keith Fuller

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