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Topic: Percussion to compliment KH?

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    Percussion to compliment KH?

    I'm looking for reccomendations about a single orch percussion library that would best compliment Kirk Hunter Diamond. KHD includes already Harp, timp, piano, bass drum, gong, snares, toms, crash cym, tamb, jinglebells, xylophone, glock, harpsichord, tubular bells, celesta.

    Its not bad, but just thinking about adding a dedicated percussion library of some kind and looking for reccomendations.
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    Re: Percussion to compliment KH?

    One of my favorites is ProjectSAM True Strike 1.


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    Re: Percussion to compliment KH?

    I do prefer Project Sam True Strike series


    You can check Vir2 Elite Orchestral Percussion


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