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Topic: Making Life Alive - my 'new' album

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    Making Life Alive - my 'new' album

    Hi all

    It suddenly occurred to me that I never told you all about an album I released a little while ago.

    For those Christians on the forum, I think you may like it very much, as it is focuses on the joy of life in Pope JP2's teaching...set to dynamic and uplifting, orchestral music that you can really sink in to.

    For those not Chirstian, you may be still interested as it is done entirely with VIs, yet has been wonderfully complimented for its sound quality and realism. Plus the Garritan Gofriller features heavily in a few tracks :P (Also it is mixed in such a way that you can focus on either the music or the words, one does not overbear the other....)

    Anyway, here is a link to hear some extracts and full tracks


    Hope you enjoy what you hear! Let me know what you think



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    Re: Making Life Alive - my 'new' album

    Ben! This is wonderful - Thank you so much for letting us know about this really unique and special project of yours. I loved hearing John Paul's voice mixed with your powerful music - I am sure he would have been delighted to hear it.

    On a personal note, I want you to know that listening to the clips you posted brought me back to the very special experience I had last year when I went on a private retreat to Mount Angel here in Oregon, home to a monastery, Abbey, and seminary. It was a time of contemplation I'll never forget. Here's a picture from that peaceful hilltop in Mt. Angel.

    Thank you, Ben.


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