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Topic: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

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    The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    UPDATE - 11/18 -Gary, Tony--if you see this thread for the first time, this is a contest that ended on Oct 7th, but we haven't been able to get a poll up for it. It would be great if that could happen - Six people entered, and I'm sure they'd like this to finally be wrapped up so we can get to the next round of the Movie Challenge!
    The Garritan Movie Music Challenge is up and running again. Best of luck to all and let’s make some movie magic!

    Movie maestro Chip "Reberclark" has assembled a stunning trailer-style video for you to work with. He and I had fun conferring on the concept, and then he did all the work.

    FIRST - Just feast your eyes on this 720p HD version of the trailer Chip posted at You Tube:

    After seeing the trailer, if you find yourself asking, "What's the story of this movie? Is it science fiction, or some other genre? How am I supposed to make sense out of all of this?" --Then I'm sure you're not alone!

    Here are the answers:

    --This is intended as a trailer done in a modern style which Chip and I call "flash and black." There are just glimpses of moments supposedly culled from the feature film the trailer is promoting. There are intriguing bits and pieces of images, but no indication of how they all tie in together. The idea is to entice the public into coming to the theatre where the mystery of what it's all about will be revealed. This is the ultimate in a "non-spoiler" style movie trailer.

    --YOU, as composer for the trailer, need to underline the dramatic juxtaposition of images, perhaps indicating through music some more clues about what the full film is like - but above all, making that 1 minute clip as compelling as possible.

    --Being done in a modern vein, you are not tied in the least to re-creating any particular style of music. You can do ANYTHING you want.

    It's simply the most exciting Garritan Movie Challenge yet.

    Here are the download links:

    Movie Challenge #8 for PC (.wmv file)

    Movie Challenge #8 for MAC (.mov file)

    The Rules of the contest:

    1) Your entry should be substantially created (95% or more) using Garritan libraries - GPO, JABB, COMB, The Strad, Gofriller, and Garritan instruments from notation programs, Sonar's Dimension etc.

    To be specific - The only instruments permissible to use from an outside non-Garritan source are those not to be found in your collection of Garritan instruments. So, as an example, it would be OK to add an auto harp, since there isn't an auto harp in any currently released Garritan Library, but it wouldn't be OK to add a violin, since GPO has a number of violins. And if you want to add a sound effect, that's ok also, since there are no sound effects in the Garritan Libraries, besides the handful in the Finale Garritan collection.

    2) You must use the video clip in its entirety "as is" without editing or altering it in any way. Having the clip exactly the same for all contestants will keep the Challenge uniform.

    3) You may enter as many times as you'd like, as long as each entry is substantially different.

    4) The winner is chosen after the entries have been posted anonymously on the Garritan forum, and the forum members have voted for their favorite ina poll. How the forum members judge the entries is totally up to them.

    5) The winner of the Challenge wins nothing, except the acclaim of the forum, and the honor of setting the next Challenge.

    6) Rules will NOT be altered during this event, but suggestions will be accepted for the NEXT challenge.

    Deadline: Thursday, October 7, midnight Pacific Time (GMT-08:00)


    When your entry is ready, send an email with "Movie Challenge Entry" in the subject line to:


    You will be sent a reply with instructions for how to proceed with getting your video submitted.


    Format: .mov, .wmv, or .mp4
    Resolution: 640x480
    Video Bitrate: Any
    Audio: Any
    File Size: Max 30MB


    So many audio programs now include the feature of being able to import movie files. If you've never done it before, look in your program's Help files for instructions. It's a vey straight forward process of importing the video, and then having one of the program's windows dedicated to displaying the video.

    Remember that many of the contestants in earlier Movie Challenges hadn't ever done this before either. I hadn't - I just jumped in and discovered that it was easy enough, and tremendous fun.

    NOTE - This video will have a sound track imported with it. There is a heart beat in the early section, and later there are other sounds. You need to craft your music in a way that blends with those sound effects.

    Now--Get busy!

    Randy and Chip "Reberclark"

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    Re: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    Randy, just a quick question on the 95% rule.

    Is it per instrument, or per articulation? For example, 1 instrument from EWQLSO might have over 20 different articulations, but at the same time, it's still just 1 instrument. I would love to be able to use some of the EWQL stuff (there are several effects that are very well suited to film scoring), but I wouldn't want to say use the violins, and only be able to use 1 or 2 articulations for them and have to use Garritan violins for the rest of the articulations. IMO this would not be a very effective way to combine the libraries. Considering Garritan instruments do not have separate articulations, I'm not quite sure how the 95% rule would apply here.

    Just saw the clip... it's.... going to be challenging. The last half of it seems to flow better than the first, with the images seeming to go better with each other making something of a story. The first half is going to be needless to say, very difficult and interesting to score. How to make sense of the madness...

    Can't wait to get started! I guess it's time to go through my old unused themes and ideas and see if there's anything worth looking at in there.

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    Re: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael135 View Post
    Randy, just a quick question on the 95% rule...
    Hi, Michael - Thanks for helping me see I need to clarify things in the rules. I'll edit the original post after writing this reply.

    All of the music contributed in contests here in General Discussion and posted in The Listening Room is always to be done with Garritan Libraries. Of course that only makes sense. This is Gary's bulletin board, he pays Northern Sounds for the space, and we're his guests. So there's always one simple rule when it comes to posting music - that it uses his instruments.

    Over the years, there have been a number of discussions on the subject of how permissible it is to use any instruments or sounds not in Garritan Libraries. Some people have said they feel that nothing at all from other sources should be allowed. Some people have said that they think it's OK for a few things to be used from other sources - and I'm one of those folks.

    But the implication has always been that when something from an outside source is used, it's because the sound or instrument desired by the contributor isn't found in any Garritan Library. My winning entry of the last Movie Challenge is a perfect example. I used all Garritan instruments, but as my piece developed, I realized I wanted a '50's style Theremin in the mix, so I added that. There is no Theremin in any of the Garritan Libraries, so it was a fair thing to add. That left my piece well over 95% Garritan.

    You're asking if you can use strings from another library, and the answer is no, because there are plenty of strings in GPO. If you decide there's an extra sound effect you'd like to add, or an obscure instrument not to be found in your Garritan collection, then that's fair also.

    I'll go edit my post to clarify that point. Thanks for bringing it up.

    How about that clip! Chip did a great job. - I'll help you out though, Michael - you're already trying to make too much sense out of it. The second half doesn't make any more literal sense than the "flash and black" (quick cuts interspersed with black) in the first half. The whole point is that the producers are keeping the story line totally mysterious. You as the trailer's composer (they're often different people than the main feature composer) have to just make it seem exciting enough to inspire people to come to the theater and buy a ticket. You can develop a storyline of your own to help you compose if you want, but I can see you're already struggling in a way that isn't helpful. This is an abstract little chunk of film, it is what it is - go forth and sell it!

    And- I would suggest you Not do what you mentioned in your last sentence, going through your files of unused left over musical bits--Why do that? Sit down and come up with something new and specific to what you see in that intriguing clip.


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    Re: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    Thanks for clarifying!

    The main reason I mentioned violins, is that EWQLSO has some amazing effects for them, such as clusters, bends, bow scratching, etc... All stuff I could see being effective in something like this.

    My main concern is that using SO sound effects for the strings, and then using normal garritan violins might sound a little odd. That is why I was asking about violins, even though GPO has them. I understand the point of making sure that most of the instruments are garritan, but I hate to have to use a cut/paste method of "building" and instrument using 2 libraries for it. I guess I'll just have to see what I can do with it.

    About going back over old ideas... This is something I often do to actually get new ideas from them. Or, a great chance to make better use, and better develop a melody I liked, but never did much with. Not to mention, it can help if I have a certain chord progression in mind, or a certain sound, and I want to use it for this. Being able to know I did it before is a huge help, rather than having to re invent the wheel every time.

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    Re: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    Michael - You didn't understand my reply I guess.

    "...My main concern is that using SO sound effects for the strings, and then using normal garritan violins might sound a little odd. That is why I was asking about violins, even though GPO has them. I understand the point of making sure that most of the instruments are garritan, but I hate to have to use a cut/paste method of "building" and instrument using 2 libraries for it. I guess I'll just have to see what I can do with it..."

    There's no need to be concerned about mixing EW strings with the Garritan ones, because that isn't permissible. As I said, you can add other instruments only if ones you want aren't found in Garritan Libraries. Strings - All of the strings are already in GPO. You can't add strings from another source.

    No reason to "hate cut/paste" building instruments using two libraries, because that isn't allowed. It's much simpler. You use GPO for this.

    It's the Garritan Forum, it's a Garritan contest, we'll use Garritan instruments. Simple.

    Now, let's stop making this an ad for some other software. Instead, let's dig into the Garritan instruments we have and come up with exciting music for Chip's trailer.


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    Re: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    Sorry, perhaps I misunderstood. Perhaps I'm to tired to try to read contest rules. (I actually forgot what my birth date was for a while this morning if that's any indication of how sharp I've been today ) I thought you said it was ok to use sounds not found in GPO? The string sound effects I was thinking of are certainly not in GPO. If I remember correctly, you used horn rips in the last movie challenge which are also not a part of GPO. Just trying to clarify. I'll probably read this tomorrow morning and it will all suddenly make perfect sense.

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    Re: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    hehe, I believe you - I think you must be really tired, Michael.

    Articulations aren't instruments - they are part of the mechanics in a given software instrument. So, to answer your earlier post more directly:

    "...Is it per instrument, or per articulation? For example, 1 instrument from EWQLSO might have over 20 different articulations, but at the same time, it's still just 1 instrument..."

    You're describing a software instrument's architecture. That has nothing to do with what we're talking about.

    One more time, with feeling - You can only add an instrument if it's one not found in Garritan Libraries. There are violins in GPO, so you cannot add violins from elsewhere.

    The rules have never been this strictly spelled out before - because up to now, nobody's been quite as persistent in attempting to pretend they don't understand the basic directive, which is to primarily use Garritan instruments. I'm making the guidelines for this more specific. 95% or more Garritan. No instruments which can be found in Garritan Libraries. I'm in charge of the contest, so I can refine the rules the way I see fit - and the rules as I have them I know from experience are what the entire community here would approve of.

    If you come back with another question which is a disguised ad for another company again----well, just don't. OK? I've made it abundantly clear what the guidelines are. Read the new-improved rules in the first post when you're more awake tomorrow.


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    Re: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    Ignore me, I just realized that you already answered my question. I assume we should mention somewhere that we don't actually have a certain instrument (even if it's something fairly standard, like a celesta) if we chose to use it from a different library due to not having it in our garritan sounds?

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    Re: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael135 View Post
    One last quick question before I shut up. Really, I promise this will be the last one, barring any technical problems.

    For those of use who do not have the full version of GPO (I'm using the finale one), can we use instruments that aren't in ours, but are (or might be - I really don't know what the full version has) in the full version, something like a celesta for example? The sounds in finale are fairly complete, but they are missing a few key instruments here.
    Michael - Obviously we can only ask you to use the Garritan Instruments you have. We can't expect you to magically use instruments you don't even have in your version of GPO.

    And we hope to be able to hold people to the honor system. If you say you have a slimmed down Finale version, then we need to take your word for it. Just like we have to take people's word for it when they swear they don't stuff the ballot box by getting friends to vote for their entry without listening to the other entries in a contest.

    If the Finale GPO doesn't have a celesta, and you need a celesta, then you may use one from another library. That should be evidently clear from the guidelines I've posted.

    Anybody else care to join in, perhaps with a new topic related to this contest?


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    Re: The Garritan MOVIE SCORING CHALLENGE #8 begins!

    Great discussion! I'm happy to see so much interest in this!

    The core idea of the contest is to showcase the depth and flexibility of the Garritan products while only using extraneous sources within honorable limits.

    Each entrant will have to determine for themselves what “honorable limits” means and each voter should be advised to take that into consideration.

    Let's have a clean contest without too much nit-picking. Now...to your corners and come out writing!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

    http://reberclark.blogspot.com http://reberclark.bandcamp.com http://www.youtube.com/reberclark

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