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Topic: One instance with multiple players, multiple instances, both?

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    One instance with multiple players, multiple instances, both?

    Does anyone have a preference when it comes to the Aria VST? Any particular pros or cons specifically with the way Aria works? Just trying to find a good starting point. I tend to use single instances on most synths, except maybe for drums, but I've never owned something like GPO before so it's new territory...

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    Re: One instance with multiple players, multiple instances, both?

    Howdy, Steve - True to your word, you're in with your first question, and it's an excellent one at that.

    As with all software, there are many different ways to use GPO/Aria. I think my preferred way is fairly common, but there are certainly other ways to go about it:

    --Since Aria can hold 16 instruments, I keep loading the instruments I need for a project until that instance of Aria is full. Then I insert a second one - and keep going. My current project has three instances of Aria, and then five other synths, like Dimension, SFZ, Rapture, and some odd-ball freebies I've collected. The point is - they all co-exist just fine in my Sonar project file, and the only limit is however much my computer can handle.

    Some people like to keep their orchestral sections separate, so they'll have an instance of Aria for strings, for woodwinds, brass, percussion. That's tidy and very logical.

    TIP - Since you use Sonar, I would recommend you pipe the sound out of Aria and then utilize all the tools in Sonar, rather than trying to do a lot of reverb and mixing work inside Aria. Those tools are there in the player, but to me, and others, it feels better to spread out in my recording program.


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