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Topic: Ivory II review?

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    Question Ivory II review?

    Finally Synthogy has released its brand new Ivory II Pianos WITH (at last) sympathetic resonance.

    Does anybody test it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Ivory II review?

    I've only listened to the demos so far, and I'm not all that impressed. I was hoping to hear the subtle "swelling" and "body" which I think comes from sympathetic resonance, but the demos sound a bit sterile to me.


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    Re: Ivory II review?

    I agree about the demos as they were more sterile and "programmed sounding" than what I had hoped for.

    I like version I and I imagine that Version II will sound better, but the big question I have is have the noise levels been reduced? Especially on the most quiet samples....

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    Re: Ivory II review?

    I should be receiving mine tomorrow and hope it was worth the upgrade price.
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    Re: Ivory II review?

    After listening to some user demos over on Pianoworld, I'm starting to like it much more.
    E.g, listen to "CruelStrings" demos in this thread:

    (probably best to go to the end of the thread and then work back - it's a long thread)


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    Re: Ivory II review?

    I have to say I've been very underwhelmed with the demos on the website as they sound quite sterile and inhuman.

    HOWEVER - after playing with it myself tonight, I'm convinced its a clear step up from the original Ivory. The increased depth of velocity samples and different lid settings really do it for me. The sympathetic and sustain resonance are a very subtle touch, which is what you want when you're after a genuine sound that doesn't get in the way of a mix, or the piano itself. So far I have a lot of faith in this new setup.

    There is much more scope in the sounds you can get out of ivory pianos. Simple changes like putting the lid half open makes it instantly much more usable in a busy mix for example. Also because of the sample depth (up to 18 per note), Ivory II is able to provide some interesting patches which skew mapping of the softer samples so the overall sound is gentler. In some cases using only the softest 10 samples / note in an 18/note sampled piano (actually really beautiful and smart). These kind of changes mean that Ivory II will quickly become used in much more varied applications.

    Also, one of my biggest concerns was - will ivory II remain playable like its original with all these changes. The answer is a big yes, it's at least as playable for live performance. It feels a smidgen better to play live because of the subtle improvements that have been made in ivory II (which i'm sure were a lot of work to get just right).

    To summarise this update, there are many subtle changes to sound and playability, which are rightly not easy to distinguish, and a few big changes (lid control - increased sample velocity depth / sound possibilities).

    I hope this review sheds some light on the upgrade, from one persons point of view who's passionate about piano, being a soundtrack composer and electronic / pop producer, the new versatility makes me happy. I've been classically trained as well, so I'm pretty fussy about software pianos, and I appreciate a good one. This is a definitely a good one!

    Perhaps try to find some user demos, or I might post a demo of my own at some point..

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    Just received the Ivory II upgrade from 1.7 and all I can say is that if you aren't happy with this you have serious "issues". Ivory Grand Pianos II is absolutely the finest piano synthesis that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. It works perfectly now under Windows 7 x64 Ultimate (the previous version had problems with 64-bit OS) and the only negative think I could possibly say about it is that the ELEVEN DVDs take about 15 minutes each to load onto harddrive. Virtually every aspect of the performance is adjustable and it truly brings out previously untapped creativity in me with the full, rich sounds I get from my RME 9632 Sound card. I built the computer I am using as a audio workstation and am throughly blown away by this product. The original Ivory was excellent and Ivory II takes piano to a whole new level in my opinion. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT IF YOU LOVE PIANO...

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    Re: Ivory II review?

    How is the noise in the Una Corda Steinway samples? Ivory v1 has much annoying hiss in the low-to-mid velocity samples around C1.

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    Re: Ivory II review?

    Any update on release date. I need piano now and Ivory. But I do not want to buy V1 when V2 is coming.

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    Re: Ivory II review?

    Hi Abdulazizkezi,

    Ivory Grand Pianos II and Ivory Italian Grand II are both available to purchase now.

    If you are in North or South America and want to buy either one of these products, you can purchase them from our website www.ilio.com or from any of our dealers.
    Austin Haynes
    Sales and Technical Support

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