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Topic: Omnisphere reinstall without library?

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    Omnisphere reinstall without library?

    Hello everybody.
    I just installed Win 7 parallel to my existing Win XP to check the new system. I also want to install Omnisphere there, but without having to install the whole library. Is this possible? I searched the net and somewhere it was said, that there were the possibility of a custom install, but my DVD 1 installer disc doesn´t give me that choice.
    I tried to only install the plugin dll and then cancel installation and then copy a link to my steam folder into the spectrasonics folder on C:// but it doesn´t let me copy a link into that folder..: Any help out there...?

    P.S.: sorry for double posting but on first try i got an error message which was obviously not valid

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    Re: Omnisphere reinstall without library?

    I could be wrong but it would seem that having two systems on your pc means that they are totally independent of each other in every sense. I can't see how one system can look at files of another offline system.
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    Re: Omnisphere reinstall without library?

    Slinky: naturally the library is on a THIRD independant partition of the computer visible for both systems.,-)

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    Re: Omnisphere reinstall without library?


    did you ever try to simply start the .dll in a host application? I may be wrong, but I was in a similar situation and as far as I remember I simply copied the .dll to the new VST plugin folder. If this is correct you are first asked for the STEAM folder path and have to do the activation again at spectrasonics. But as I said before: I may be wrong....

    regards, humphrey
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    Re: Omnisphere reinstall without library?

    Assuming you already contacted them, did you not yet receive some assistance from Spectrasonics tech support??
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    Re: Omnisphere reinstall without library?

    I did it another way: renamed the steam folder to "steam-old". Then startet installation and installed only disc one. Then deleted new steam folder and named old one back: seems to work in a sixth of the needed time.

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