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Topic: Cosmic Strings

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    Cosmic Strings

    Cosmic Strings are thin pieces of energy that were created during the big bang, They are so thin that they are considered to be 1 dimensional, at least when viewed from 4 dimensional space. They may not even exist but it would be cool if they did. Move a small one close to a planet and the gravitational pull is so great that you could move the planet at will. Assuming of course you could move the string first. A large one would be able to move a sun. Powerful stuff!

    Anyway, here it is


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    Re: Cosmic Strings

    That is wonderful Ron.
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    Re: Cosmic Strings

    Hey! It's pretty good! There's a little bit of this and a little bit of that, which could probably be really great if you emphasized the contrast in style. For example, at around 1:12 the orchestra swells together. It might be nice if this built up a little more (around 2:00). And then in the next part (~2:30) you could drop out a lot of the accompanying parts and make the texture thinner. That way, it'd be more "spacy" anyways, with solos, etc.. . Then at around (3:30) you would come back in with everything.

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