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Topic: Yellow Tools Pure Guitars

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    Yellow Tools Pure Guitars

    Happy to had purchased this one.

    Very sweet (ballads) sounding accustic guitars along with scartchy steel strings
    for bite.

    Phat aggressive bass sounds as well. Close to the \"Geddy mid-range>\"

    5 way velocity switching.

    nylon concert
    nylon spanish
    nylon vibrato
    ovation piezo
    steel pick
    steel fingered
    bass fingered

    Thought I\'d pass it on.


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    Re: Yellow Tools Pure Guitars

    Hi Francis,
    We are glad to hear you like our product.
    This kind of feedback is the best motivation for us to go on with the development of sampling libraries.

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    Re: Yellow Tools Pure Guitars

    I also love the \"Pure Guitars\". I especially liked the Nylon spanish Program. Very, very, nice.

    It was so good, I played a piece for a young lady who visited my house...when she heard the music, she leaped out of her clothes and started kissing me!

    Good job guys.


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    Re: Yellow Tools Pure Guitars

    Aah..the old \'Gershwin\' ploy

    Pure Guitars is definately one (if not THE) best Nylon librarys for the price..

    can we have individual strings next time
    Mr Tools?

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