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Topic: NFX4 plug-in won't open

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    NFX4 plug-in won\'t open

    Yesterday I received the NFX4 plug-in with my registration code, but the file will not open under Win98. The error message reads \"This is not a valid Win32 file.\" I immediately sent an e-mail to NemeSys yesterday, but no one has responded as yet.

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    Re: NFX4 plug-in won\'t open

    I wonder if that means that you hard drive has to be formated in fat32 format . if so maybe that will fix the problem.

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    Re: NFX4 plug-in won\'t open

    Whenever Windows reports that a file isn\'t a valid \"Win32\" file, it usually means that for whatever reason (corrupt file, etc) Windows doesn\'t recognize the file as PE (portable executable) format.

    There\'s certain header info specific to all Windows executables. If windows can locate this info or doesn\'t recognize the header, it assumes that the file isn\'t a \"valid Win32\" file. I would suspect that the mail tool that WillisBub is using is saving the file with its own header info and thus Windows doesn\'t recognize the file as its own.

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    Re: NFX4 plug-in won\'t open

    Of course we\'d like all software to work perfectly, but that\'s not exactly realistic. It helps just to try a few things and keep patient. I don\'t have the new gigastudio yet, but maybe this help you out. The plugin problem you have isn\'t related to fat32 partition, so you don\'t need to do anything extreme like reformatting. It could be anything. Maybe the plugin has a bug, maybe not. Possibly your download was incomplete - you could try downloading again if that\'s possible to do. Your hard drive could be corrupted. This is incredibly common for causing instability btw. - run scandisk (start: programs: accessories: system tools: scandisk. Or try start: find: file \"scandisk.exe\", if it\'s not under system tools. If you still can\'t find it you may have to go to settings:control panel: add/remove programs: windows setup: system tools, and add scandisk to your system from there.) Run it on all your drives and repair errors. This is good to do even if it doesn\'t fix this problem. OK, it could also be that the plugin needs to be registered to Windows by running a setup procedure (if one comes with it)- perhaps that wasn\'t complete or faulty and it needs to be uninstalled reinstalled. Or maybe the system just needs a reboot. Read any text files about installing or readme.txt\'s - I know you\'re having problems with docs. For doc problems, you can usually read any *.doc file with notepad, though it might show extra garbage data which you could ignore. Start: programs: accesories: notepad. Try dragging and dropping the doc file into the notepad window. Again if your hard drive is badly corrupted that could be screwing up your doc files too. Last piece of advice, when there\'s problems with software- Do a reboot. Uninstall (all related pieces of software). Reboot. Install all related pieces. Reboot.
    Keep in mind that these steps take time and won\'t necessarily fix a thing. I\'ve found Nemesys support to be responsive and most others on the forum have had good stories. That said, they are probably as busy as they get right now(support) because of a new major release. Still, give them a call and I\'m sure they will be happy to help.
    If all else fails you could get Unity, but then it might be frustrating in its own unique ways. I found gigasampler was more to my liking, but you could probably download Unity from bitheadz and try it out.

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    Re: NFX4 plug-in won\'t open

    Boomer\'s suggestion is excellent. I don\'t know how you got the plugin, but if it was mailed to you, access that mail message again and make sure you use the right options for saving the file from mail. It needs to be saved \"as is\" in binary format with no headers or anything added, but I have no idea what the options are in your mail reader. This is more likely to be your problem than the things I listed above.

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