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Topic: Transposing in GPO4

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    Transposing in GPO4

    I am a swedish church musician, I am new to this forum. I don't know if I have posted this at the right place...
    In GPO2 I was able to mix two instruments in one channel, and transpose one of them. That worked fine with Kontakt Player. (eg Principal untransposed + principal transposed one octave lower - that made an (virtual) registration Principal 8 + 4).
    I cannot find how to do this in GPO4 and ARIA, and that is a pity, because I want to register my own organ. Another example: flutes + flutes transposed one octave lower made a beautiful pedal chorus 16+8+4.

    Am I wrong or has that option disappeared?

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    Re: Transposing in GPO4

    Hello ojanner and a warm welcome to our forums.

    Unfortunately, the present version of Aria doesn't have the transposing feature you had in the Kontakt player.

    I believe some members have tried editing the sfz files but this is not a route I have tried.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Transposing in GPO4

    Thank you very much!

    Will the ability to transpose appear in future upgrades? Otherwise I will continue using GPO2 and Kontakt Player.
    Best of all would be if Garritan released a full pipe organ, with separate voices that you could combine itself. As in a real pipe organ.

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