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Topic: Trilian - Live Mode - Slide Down plays every other time???

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    Trilian - Live Mode - Slide Down plays every other time???

    I'm having an issue with a specific multi patch in Trilian (mac, 1.32c 32-bit, all patches up to date)

    MULTI: retro 60's Keyswitch ALL

    For me, it only sounds the slide down on EVERY OTHER playback. When it does not slide down (as programmed) it simply plays the sustained note.

    please see: http://www.screencast.com/users/carp...d-8afa56c6c188

    Anyone have any idea why the multi only plays the "live mode" slide down every OTHER time? Is there some kind of round-robin that is not loading correctly? I tried closing the session and reloading; tried reloading the patch and the multi. It must be something I'm doing since Trilian is perfect, right? Any ideas?

    If I play "live mode" from he keyboard, it works perfectly. ONLy when playing back from the midi track does the "every other time" happen.

    Thanks in advance for checking this out.


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    Re: Trilian - Live Mode - Slide Down plays every other time???

    Hmmm...kind of weird!

    Working here fine.

    Two suggestions to try:

    • Try reloading the multi

    • Try lengthening the keyswitch note? (F)

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    Re: Trilian - Live Mode - Slide Down plays every other time???

    Hi Eric,

    This has been bothering me all day, and I finally just used brute force to get around it. New track, new instance of the plug, load just the slide-down patch, print, move on.

    I use live mode on at least one song a day, and can trust that it always works.

    This has been incredibly unusual.

    I tried changing duration of the trigger note, changing velocity of both the trigger as well as the note played (more vel, less vel), tried moving the start time. Tried moving the data from a protools instrument track to just midi. Tried disabling delay comp. Threatened the computer that I'd turn it off. Nothing worked, besides brute force.

    So I moved on...

    If I ever see this issue again, I'll let you know.



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