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Topic: omnisphere.. stupid question

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    omnisphere.. stupid question

    im making dubstep with omnisphere in ableton live and i cant for the life of me figure out how to host automate pitch bend!

    any help appreciated.

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    Re: omnisphere.. stupid question

    Not a dumb question, theres a few ways:

    One - use the standard Pitchbend midi control, and alter the pitchbend range by going to 'main' in omnisphere. Under 'controls' on the bottom left, you will see 'bend' (down and up) and you can alter the range there.

    Two - on the edit page in Omni, look on the bottom left you should see a 'pitch' section. If you automate the 'fine' knobs you can get subtle pitch bend control, or the 'transpose' knobs for something more extreme. Good luck and let me know if you have other questions!

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    Re: omnisphere.. stupid question

    i know i can use pitch bend and record it into ableton live but how do i edit the midi message i just recorded, the effect i want to get it one note sliding from f#1 to f#0, i dont think you can do that with the transpose controll because you have to play another note for the pitch to actually change.

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    Re: omnisphere.. stupid question

    - Double-click the MIDI clip to open it in the Clip View.
    - Show the clip's Envelopes Box.
    - Click the Pitch Bend Clip Envelope Quick-Chooser.
    - Double-click the envelope to insert first breakpoint.
    - Double-click the envelope to insert second breakpoint.
    - Move second breakpoint down for a downslide pitch bend.

    (Make sure the Omnisphere patch you're using has a pitch bend range matching the slide amount you're going for.)

    Also see the section on MIDI Cntroller Clip Envelopes in the Live User Manual (section 19.4 in the Live 8 Manual).

    macbook pro 13", pcr-800, remote 25sl compact, microkey37, lpk25, reason 7.0.1, live 9.0.4, omnisphere 1.5.6d, trilian 1.4.1d, stylus rmx 1.9.6e

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    Re: omnisphere.. stupid question

    thank you!

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    Re: omnisphere.. stupid question

    and remember- no stupid question is really as stupid as a really stupid question

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