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Topic: Voxos - Choir - Demos Up

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    Voxos - Choir - Demos Up

    I couldn't find the old thread that quantum made but the first voxos demos are up:


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    Re: Voxos - Choir - Demos Up

    Such a pleasure to hear the voice in the video speaking so simple and clean.

    I have to congratulate these guys for the nice work..
    As we all know, a choir is something that will be more difficult to create with samples than ANYTHING!

    Nice work guys!

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    Re: Voxos - Choir - Demos Up

    Ugg.... I hate you.

    *adds to wish list along with HollywoodStrings, and HollywoodBrass*

    I am NEVER going to be able to afford all of this stuff. I'm going to be sooooo broke.

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    Re: Voxos - Choir - Demos Up

    looks truly great. CONGRATS! Something I will eventually consider purchasing when my pockets are filled with cash

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    Re: Voxos - Choir - Demos Up

    Great Job Mike! Without a doubt the best vocal sample lib I have ever heard.......and I have been listening to every audio demo and watching every video that I could find in the past few months pertaining to available vocal libraries. Nothing has really impressed until Voxos came along. I will be desperately trying to save up for this before the introductory price is over.
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    Re: Voxos - Choir - Demos Up

    New Demos by Jason Graves and a few other guys. Also one cool battle star galatica styled on in the forum.


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