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Topic: Fit as a Cello...

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    Fit as a Cello...

    I would have bought the Gofriller if I had had the dough. I didn't. I'm kicking myself. I NEED that cello, and Garritan said that they were developing a "more comprehensive" product that would have included all four string instruments, done in the same manner as the Strad.

    If anyone has any information, such as whether Garritan will ever release this product, let us know! In the meantime, I guess I'll have to use the (el-grodio) Halion Symphonic Orchestra to get a good cello sound...

    - Sammy

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    Re: Fit as a Cello...

    as a good second choice (if you really can't get your hands on the wonderful Gofriller), there's always X-Samples Chamber Ensemble. I hate to advertise a competitor's product, but it's a suitable substitute while we eagerly await whatever new product Garritan will eventually give us.

    it's not quite as expressive as the Gofriller, and doesn't quite handle portamento as nicely, but it's nicer than the solo cello in GPO. That Gopher solo cello is a pretty hard act to follow.

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    Re: Fit as a Cello...

    Hi qccowboy,

    Garritan is being quiet about what is currently in development--but when you consider the positive feedback that was recieved from the Strad and the Gofriller, it's unlikey that the theme of those product will have been forgotten.
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    Re: Fit as a Cello...

    I'm sure the new Garritan string library will be wonderful.
    I am, like many others, unfortunately running out of time and needing new sounds to work with. I can't wait indefinitely.

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    Re: Fit as a Cello...


    Thanks for the response and for the information. For now, the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra samples in Kontakt 2 and 3 are fine for ensemble stuff, and the solo cello isn't truly necessary for me (which is a good thing, because I can't find the Halion disc that I used to own. And of course I had uninstalled that library ages ago... oh, well.)

    The solo Stradivari has made one song that I created years ago a real standout on my current project. I do hope that Garritan does follow up with a new killer app. Right now it seems as though the company has descended into SoundFont hell -- but there is always time for redemption...


    - Sammy

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