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Topic: Favorite guitars with gpo4

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    Favorite guitars with gpo4

    Anyone have a favorite acoustic guitar sample library for using with gpo4?
    I'm looking for classical and steel string. I know the real thing is the best.
    I've tried Real guitar, reason and sampletank.

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    Re: Favorite guitars with gpo4

    Hi ome248,

    I don't personally own a guitar sample library, but there was recently a brief discussion about affordable guitar VI's here:


    A lot of people seem to like Real Guitar. LFO also mentioned Lyrical Distortions. I play guitar--but going by the Real Guitar demos I saw a while back, it seems quite good for basic articulations like finger picking arpeggios. But, it sounds like you may be looking for something a bit better/more versatile.
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    Re: Favorite guitars with gpo4

    I'm looking for something that out of the box blends well with gpo. I Like real guitar and reason guitars but I cant get them to blend well with gpo. I assume this involves eq work wich I'm no good at whatsoever. I spent good time trying to mess with EQ but I just dont have the ear for that kinda work and not sure I ever will. Or perhaps techniques to blend guitars well with gpo.

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    Re: Favorite guitars with gpo4

    Maybe is this something it worths to have a look?

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    Re: Favorite guitars with gpo4

    Hmmm.... Perhaps. Did you listen to the smooth r&b demo song on the website?
    I absolutely love the song. I don't think I've ever been a fan of a demo song.
    Not really into r & b either but loved that demo song. Check it out guys.

    Another one I've heard is good..... Chris heins guitar. gave it a listen on trysound but I need more then trysound to decide.

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