Some weeks ago I started a new composition asked an Austrian Radio & Television Company which should show the interaction between human & virtual musicans.
I decided to use noatikl & 6 poems by the german poet Arno Holz (1863-1929) from the collection "Alle Tausend Jahre wachsen mir Flügel" for composing a suite for speaker, 2 flutes, cello, harp, 2 vibrafons & marimbafon.

First step:

I choosed the poem:
Sieben Billionen Jahre vor meiner Geburt war ich eine Schwertlilie.
Meine Wurzeln
saugten sich
in einen Stern.
Auf seinem dunklen Wasser
meine blaue Riesenblüte

(Sorry, I cannot translate it into english because of my poor english knowledge!)

Second step:
With Artsong, a gim-program, I genrated 2 MIDI tracks directly from the poem.

Third step:

With noatikl as plugin in Plogue Bidule I recorded many harp tracks as base material for my composition

Please Listen to the result:

Fourth step:

With Genisoft's Overture 4.1 I comosed the first movement of the suite using the base material above.

Fifth step:

And recorded it with the host Plogue Bidule, Vienna Instrument Pro flutes, vello, harp) and Kontakt 4.5 (percussion).

Example: flute_1:

Sixth step:

I went to the broadcast studio in Vienna and recorded the poems by Arno Holz with Chris Tengel, a spokeswoman of a classic boradcast show.

Last step:

I putted all tracks together with Cakewalk SONAR 8.5.
Please enjoy the result:

Platform: Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
Programs: Artsong 7 by (32-Bit)
Overture 4 by (32-Bit)
Bidule by Plogue (64-Bit)
Sonar 8.5 by Cakewalk (64-Bit)
VST-Plugins: noatikl by intermorphic (64-Bit)
Vienna Instrument Pro by VSL(64-Bit)
Kontakt 4.5 by Native Instruments
Libraries: Vienna Instrument Library (FLute, Cello & Harp)
Marimba & Vibes by Christian Lane (GigaStudio)

:-) Jovan