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Topic: Opinions re: upgrading either Sibelius vs Finale

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    Opinions re: upgrading either Sibelius vs Finale

    After a lengthy absence from music I'm upgrading everything to set up a fresh system on my new MacBook Pro for orchestration & playback

    Originally I went from Finale to Sibelius because at the time it was simpler to use, not so certain about that anymore.

    GPO was like a dream come true, but one of the big stumbling points with all of this is that I have zero technical aptitude (for setting all of this up) and struggling to understand all the acronyms, software lingo etc, and then on top of that struggling with notation software with a massive manual all adds up to a real muse killer for me

    Am wondering what people think of those two notation softwares these days and how they compare re: simplicity/ease of use, playback, &tc

    I recently upgraded to GPO4 but would like to retain the ability to use the original GPO library, of which I particularly loved the strings Also own the original version of JABB


    from one of the "very technically challenged"

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    Re: Opinions re: upgrading either Sibelius vs Finale

    Hello pgurnee.

    Tha's a real dilemma when are attached to certain software. In my case, a few years ago I tried Finale (2004 I think), and some years later I wanted to try Sibelius, so I did, and then at the end I figured that Sibelius was easier to learn and apply the knowledge I've adquired.

    If you ask me, I'm very comfort with Sibelius (I upgraded it to v. 6), in the way that I don't think I'll try again with Finale, even just to see how it's changed, because right now Sibelius fullfill my needs.

    About GPO, I had to stop using it because I couldn't make it work ith Sib6, so I switched to Miroslav and it works like a charm.

    Hope it helps.
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    Re: Opinions re: upgrading either Sibelius vs Finale


    I also vote for Sibelius, in terms of simplicity of use. I've also tried Finale and found out that its learning curve is longer than Sibelius' one.

    About GPO, you can have both versions working side-by-side. Currently, I have GPO3 (with Kontakt Player 2 as VST plugin) and GPO4 (with ARIA Player as VST plugin) and they both work fine with Sibelius.

    Best regards.

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    Re: Opinions re: upgrading either Sibelius vs Finale

    I agree with the part about using both the Kontakt and Aria versions of GPO side by side.

    I'll even stipulate that while differences are small, they are real.

    As far as the core question, I like Finale. I've been using it for like 12 years now I think, and switching would be a lot of work for me, so I'm not likely to change. I have tried Sib several time, and it does some clever stuff. Just not enough clever stuff to get me to change<G>!

    It really does come down to personal preferences, I think. Which one do you like better???
    Bill Thompson
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