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Topic: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

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    RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

    I'm purchasing a new imac i7 and considering the 8GB upgrade option from apple.. But I vaguely remember reading somewhere that 12GB / 3 sticks is faster than 2/4 sticks of ram... Am i right in this or completely dreaming?

    Thanks for any info!

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    Re: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

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    Re: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

    I don't think iMac's use the triple channel compatible chips (as opposed to MacPro's), and for that reason apple does not even offer a 3 Dimm option.
    So just get yourself 16gigs from www.Macsales.com and enjoy your computer!

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    Re: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

    Okay thanks for the info, I'm trying to get confirmation of that fact, but I guess it makes sense that the mac pros are selling in Threes and the imacs in Twos.. Thanks again!

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    Re: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

    Since you can get an iMac with the i3, i5 and the i7 processor that tells me that apple uses the socket 1156 chip. That would also mean that it uses the P55 chipset from Intel.
    If you look at a list of motherboards here
    you'll find that none, except one, of the motherboards support tripple channel memory. This tells me that the iMac does not support the tripple channel memory.
    If Apple decided to use the i7 with the socket 1366 in the iMac's than that would be a different story. Socket 1366 chips use the X58 chipset which most of the time uses tripple channel memory; socket 1366 chips also run little hotter and come only in the i7 variant. So that's another reason why I don't think that iMac supports tripple channel memory. So just go for 16 gigs of RAM

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    Re: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

    Wow thats really thorough thanks Andrew, now I can really buy it with confidence! I just purchased it today with 8GB because I'm on a budget, later on I will upgrade it to 16GB and trade in the original 8GB to macsales.com

    Thanks so much for the detailed info!

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    Re: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

    +1 on macsales.com RAM. I've used their RAM for 10 years now and never a problem... and the price can't be beat!

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    Re: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?


    According to Apple.com in order to get 8 gigs of RAM in your iMac you have 2 choices - for $200 you upgrade to 4 dimms, 2gigs each, or for $400 you get 2 dimms at 4gig each.
    Now, if I was you I would get the iMac with 4gigs (2 chips, 2 gig each) and added 8gigs (2 dimms, 4gig each) from macsales for the price of $200. This way you end up having 12 gigs in your computer, and later for additional $200 you can upgrade to full 16gigs.

    So, if I was you I would modify my order from apple!!! that is if it's not too late!

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    Re: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

    Thanks Andrew, your advice is priceless.

    Will it matter that i'm mixing RAM Apple has chosen with OWC RAM? or do OWC choose RAM specifically made to run side by side with apple's factory RAM?

    I just don't want to take any chances with RAM, I want as rock solid a system as possible. I always thought matching RAM was super important for that..

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    Re: RAM - 8GB or 12GB?

    I believe you cannot mix ram from different companies, at least not Apple and OWC. I'm pretty sure it states that on the OWC site.

    I would ditch the Apple ram and go with OWC, which is what I did. They are much less expensive, you can add to it later, and they take trade in on old ram.

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