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Topic: kontakt 4 CUP and DISK

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    kontakt 4 CUP and DISK

    I was wondering whether you guys can offer me some help in figuring this out.

    when i play a patch in kontakt 4.1.1 it seems that at certain point i increase the measure "Disk" (at the top right of the engine).

    so is there a way to avoid that? how should i need to set it up?

    CPU is not overloaded but when i overload the Disk then the sound stops and restarts as soon as the Disk goes back to lower values.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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    Re: kontakt 4 CUP and DISK

    is it not loading all the sample at first, then as you play it starts loading those samples, and then eventually uses up more space?
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: kontakt 4 CUP and DISK

    no i think the samples are loaded just fine. for some reason when i play with my conditions the sounds stops and that coincides with an increase in the disk using.

    what would it be the best settings for K4 on a 8GB RAM quadricore machine in terms of memory usage and ASIO drivers?

    Thanks a lot,

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