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Topic: OT: USB sticks

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    Unhappy OT: USB sticks

    I just fired up my new PC for the first time today, with the intention of spending the day installing stuff, but I hit a glitch almost immediately. I put in a USB stick with the drivers for my soundcard, and the machine fried it. Quite literally. Windows never even saw it, so I pulled it back out, and found it had heated up to about 70C. And now none of my machines can see it. It was definitely working before, as I'd just put the driver on it using a laptop.

    So I tried another stick, and Windows saw that one, but my keyboard and mouse (also USB) stopped working when I put it in, so there was no way for me to click on the 'open folder to view the drive' option.

    I tried a third stick and it worked fine.

    For me it's my first time on the 64 bit version of Windows 7, and it never occurred to me that there might be a driver issue. Plugging in drives, and having Windows see them has simply become so common place that I never even thought about it. But then it occurred to me that the oldest stick I own is the one that stopped my keyboard working - that predates 64 bit operating systems by a few years - whereas the one that fried is actually quite recent.

    Does anyone know - could this be a driver issue, or should I be contacting my supplier and asking for a new motherboard? I'm a little reluctant to put my Syncrosoft dongles in the machine until I'm a bit more sure what's going on.

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    Re: OT: USB sticks

    Hi Pingu

    I've a reasonably new Windows 7 PC and not had any problem plugging in my USB devices.

    I'd expect them to work straight away on a new PC without having to install any new drivers so I'd speak to your supplier ASAP - they'd have a hard job trying to claim its not a problem with their PC.


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    Re: OT: USB sticks

    Hi Pingu. Once i fried an usb pendrive, but the reason was that the internal connectors on he motherboard were put wrongly when the computer was assembled. I needed to open it, and connect the cables the right place in the motherboard.
    I dont believe is a software issue, at least never heard about something similar.
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: OT: USB sticks

    Yes, this is a hardware issue, not a Windows issue.

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    Re: OT: USB sticks

    If it indeed hit 70C is sounds like it is fried.

    However, in general is you have usb connection problems it usually is a driver problem and most times can be resolved by going into Control Panel>System>Device Manager and uninstalling all the usb devices then rebooting and let the system reinstall each driver as you replug in each devices.

    To make sure you're really starting from a fresh start you might also disconnect the computer from the mains ( and remove laptop batteries-let the system stay disconnected for about a minute) then reconnect the mains - and reboot

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    Re: OT: USB sticks

    100 to 1 its a hardware problem. There nothing in software that could cause it.
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    Re: OT: USB sticks

    Was this a front panel USB Connector? If so, then definitely check the connections on the motherboard. I've never had a USB device fry and I've used quite a few on probably 300-400 pc's over the years.

    You can also check the voltage on the USB connector pins (if you have the pin-out in the motherboard manual) with VOM. It should read 5 volts. It's possible that the power supply could cause this if it's putting out to much voltage on the 5 volt lines.


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    Post Re: OT: USB sticks

    Don't overlook the possibility that the stick itself was defective. They are small and cheaply made and a short is possible. And yes do check out the motherboard connections.
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