Hi there,

for those that don't know me, I am a strings session player (besides arranging and composing a bit) and have developed a method to overdub myself with violin, viola and cello in order to record not only solo lines but also believeable full string sections. I am not using any samples for this, every track is hand played, between 40 and 60 overdubs (actually it is a lot of work to do so). It is not my aim to replace real orchestras (although the recordings sound actually like a strings orchestra), it is more that I help composers that are only using samples otherwise and open them an approach to the world of real strings by my work.

While my recordings have been published on CDs and aired on TV on several occasions I did not care too much about collecting royalties so far. But now I have been asked to record a substantial share of music for a one hour show that will be aired on BBC1 and the composer asked me to factor in the public performance license money. However neither the GVL (I am based in Germany) nor the PPL was willing to share any information about how much that could be ... because the music has to be aired before, they can't release any numbers etc. etc.

In the case anybody here has some experience with this situation and thinks in this case the money could really be more than say a two-digit amount per broadcast I would be very thankful if he/she could get back to me here or in private. Thank you!