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Topic: Best drum/perc. loop CD?

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    Best drum/perc. loop CD?


    I need some good drum-loop CD\'s - modern sounding (not acoustic) bpm 80-130.

    And percussion loop CD - latin/salsa/funk.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: Best drum/perc. loop CD?

    I forgot to mention: It doesn\'t have to be Giga-format...


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    Re: Best drum/perc. loop CD?

    Spectrasonics Metamorphosis, GIGA version!!

    Eric Persing\'s \"21st Century Grooves\",
    provides 3 CDs, but I like the MM Multi mapped grooves the best for creative, interactive jamming of any groove against any other, which makes groove construction much like live improv playing. Metamorphosis provides large sets of tempo matched grooves, at every useful bpm in every 10bpm increment ranging from 50/100 to 180/360 bpm. Thus, say you are working in 140 bpm, then you can load the patch for all 70/140bpm grooves and start jamming. There are 12 gig files with Multi Mapped grooves - so having the GIG version is especially nice, as you can easily load all 12 gigs worth of say 70/140bpm\'s and go to town.

    It is available under \"Spectrasonics\" on the Nemesys products page. A must have.

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    Re: Best drum/perc. loop CD?

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by wazoo:
    [B]Spectrasonics Metamorphosis, GIGA version!!

    Thanks wazoo

    I have ordered it now - sound like the thing!

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