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Topic: Quantum Leap '56 Strat

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    Quantum Leap \'56 Strat

    QL \'56 Strat is almost done. It is a 2 gig library devoted to the sound of a vintage strat played through a Fender Super Twin Reverb amp. The samples are fairly clean, mono and dry. One set of samples was recorded using the neck pickup and one set from the bridge pickup. The library attempts to be a do anything, complete instrument. It is also a great starting point for adding effects.

    I did a short demo using the neck pickup samples with some effects, a synth pad, QLGB Stingray, and drums from Purrrfect drums and Yellowtools. I will email it to you if you send me a request. bunschel@aol.com

    I also have a great (but long) demo of QL Brass if you so desire. It is a 6 meg MP3.

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    Re: Quantum Leap \'56 Strat

    Nice demo, Nick! A feel a bit Pink Floyd here, right? Used to love that band. I must admit I waited a bit for the David Gilmour Solo...


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    Re: Quantum Leap \'56 Strat

    The demo is sort of like a tune from a band called Mogwai. I will have a demo later that shows more versatility.

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