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Topic: We can't be a fly on the wall . . . so I'll just ask; Dear Spectrum

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    We can't be a fly on the wall . . . so I'll just ask; Dear Spectrum

    Your legendary suspense prowess is bar none. So I shall not attempt the impossible. But with summer at a close, fall fireplaces fill the air with smokey football memories an . .. oh, what am I thinking. Cut the crap.

    NAMM's around the corner; You brewin' some RMX wow-ness, or you going "guitar" on us (which would be spectrasonically-cool)?

    Even, "yes", or "No" would be note worthy.

    I had to ask, 'cuz it's just that good!

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    Re: We can't be a fly on the wall . . . so I'll just ask; Dear Spectrum

    Stylus definitely needs some focus.....actually, I just need some more Xpander Packs, I own them all, including Ilio's, and would like to see Eric's finesse in a few more.

    I feel like Stylus is all you really need...except...I'd love to see a more MPC approach to some of the menus, so I could load a bank within RMX and have a 8x8 drum pad layout vs. just a midi keyboard. This combined with a Jazz Xpander, a more Techno, minimal Techno, World, and perhaps an update to Metamorphosis and Liquid Grooves (my personal favorites).

    On the other side of the Spectrum..pun intended...I still need a Piano in Omnisphere...It's all Omnisphere is lacking...I just bought a bowed piano sample library for Kontakt...and low and behold there was one inside Omnisphere, not as robust in its options, but it was there!

    All I need is a Piano and some more regular bread and butter....so, perhaps instead of going guitar (although I'd love to see how it would compare to Sample Logics Cinematic Guitars) my vote would go to either an Orchestral/Cinematic Symphobia-esque (including non burning Pianos), or open up Omnisphere to the sampling world to load .nki or similar sample libraries formats.

    ...and then come out with a Spectrasonics controller, a bright Royal/Omnisphere blue with a lit "Spectronics" spectrum graphic that evokes the same light motion as the software...only live, on stage, without a Receptor...or maybe a Receptor inside the keyboard...oh yeah, 88 weighted, with either dedicated Omnisphere/Stylus controls or an iPad slot/app as an interface.

    I know I'm dreaming, but that's what forums are good for

    Whatever they are working on, you know it's good. I actually looked Spectrasonics address when I was in training in California and drove past their building...I begged for a tour via email, but alas my Top Secret clearance did me no good with them

    Mac Pro 8-Core, Logic 9, Ableton 8, Omni, RMX, Komplete, Samples-n-Samples, Speak-n-Spell, Schroeder's Piano, Mcpherson Guitars, and a Partridge Family 8-Track

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    Re: We can't be a fly on the wall . . . so I'll just ask; Dear Spectrum

    I'm hoping for the Trilian treatment for guitars, maybe other more traditional instruments too (piano, zithers, flutes, anything real sampled with articulation key switching).

    The next Stylus would of course be amazing ...

    And finally, an Omnisphere iPad app would be ridiculously awesome. The Air Display app still looks a little laggy. It might be a couple years before the technology is to the point where I can control any plugin I have using a touch screen, but Spectrasonics could easily implement an iPad app that controls Omni/Trilian with the same UI as the regular plugin.

    I did a rough photoshop job two months back and was going to post it to this forum.


    It could be incredible.
    Mac Pro "Xeon" 2.8 gHz 8 core - Mac OS 10.5.8 - 6 gb RAM - Pro Tools HD 8.0cs3

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