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Topic: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

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    GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    So, I'm working on a piece for a friend of mine using Finale 2009c and GPO4 and am having troubles with the GPO part. No, I don't own a MIDI keyboard.

    For Example:

    1. I want the Basses to play pizzicato for eight or so bars in the middle of the piece, but the finale key-switch, that I only altered by making the text italicized isn't working at all. I've tried making new files (where the key-switch would work fine), but as soon as I'd copy the music in, the key-switch just stopped working. This is also the only key-switch that doesn't work. All the other ones work just fine.
    2. There's a few sections where the violas and cellos play divisi, but I wrote in a few glissandi. So in order to avoid the whole midi channel glissing, I added another channel for each instrument with the same pan and volume etc... and put the "extra" midi channels on layer 2 of each instrument staff. Everything is thus fine, until a part when the instruments are exposed and suddenly and "extra" channels are 5 times louder than the "normal" channels. And it only happens in the exposed spot.

    I would really appreciate a way to fix these problems, as I really have little to no idea what is wrong with the file and settings etc...

    Please and Thank You
    Zacharias Paul Gustav Büchner

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    Re: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    Seeing as I got no responses, I'm assuming that nobody knows how to fix the problems I have (which I highly doubt, as most the people on this forum (with Finale), save myself, are quite agile at GPO in a finale setting), or that I worded this really bad or something like that... I'm not mad or anything, I'm just not sure how to fix the problems.
    Zacharias Paul Gustav Büchner

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    Re: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    you mention something about violas and celli and glisses... am I to understand that you are putting instruments on same channels?

    I would need to see your file to try and understand what the problem is.

    I've given you as much information in response to what you've given us, but without seeing the file itself, it's next to impossible to diagnose the problem.

    my suspicion is that there is a channel conflict going on here.

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    Re: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    Thanks. Next time I have a problem, I'll try and put up more info.

    Here's the file Adagio.mus
    . (I'm assuming you have at Finale 2009c or higher. I only have 2009c, as yearly updates would get rather costly.) It's set up so that the viola staff has one channel on layer 1, and another on layer 2. Same with the cello. You'll understand when you see it. The pizzicato key-switch is also acting troublesome.

    Thanks for doing this. I appreciate it very much.
    Zacharias Paul Gustav Büchner

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    Re: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    I don't have Finale 2009 installed, but I can tell you immediately that with Finale 2011 the keyswitches work perfectly.

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    Re: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    Even the pizzicato in the basses? That's the one causing me trouble. And near the end, where the violas, and cellos have the exposed divisi part, is the balance OK? 'Cause on mine, the top voices are near inaudible compared to the bottom voices.
    Zacharias Paul Gustav Büchner

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    Re: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    Hi Zac!

    I have Finale 2009c as well, so when I have time late tonight (really late as I have a full day until after 9:00 PM) I will see if your music does the same thing to me. I know I've had problems in the past with the pizz. as well. Perhaps this is something that only occurred with 2009c. I'm reluctant to shell out the money for 2011 just yet, though I've considered it with Finale '09 still crashing on me during playback, even with the "c" update. Grrrr!!!

    Gary A.
    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

    Lenovo ThinksStation S30, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, 20 gig ram, 2 terabyte hd., M-Audio Fast Track, Finale25, Sonar Professional

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    Re: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    Finale 2011 is a great improvement over previous versions.

    I found Finale 2010 FAR more stable than 2009 for playback.

    And 2011 contains some improvements that are groundbreaking.

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    Re: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    I want to get 2011, too, but I don't have the money, mostly because of college.
    Zacharias Paul Gustav Büchner

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    Re: GPO and Finale 2009 Problems

    you do realize it's just a bit over $100, yes?

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