Well the title pretty much says it all. I have Kontakt 4 and am looking for someone to explain step by step how to get some classic pink floyd keyboard/synth/organ tones...Anything is helpful (even tones not on the list), but in particular I'm looking for the following sounds.....

Sheep - The organ sound from around 2:20-2:25

Time - The keyboard sound during the verses

Have a Cigar - The synth and keyboard sound

Echoes - The piano sound in the beggining (I know it has something to do with a leslie rotating speaker)

One of my Turns - The weird synth backing during the first part of the lyrics (0:50-2:02)

And how to get his farfisa organ sound that he used on piper at the gates of dawn album

By the way, this following link should be very helpful, as it catalouges wrights gear used throughout the years and on every album:

I would appreciate an explination on any one of these tones, you don't have to do all of them. Thanks in advance.