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Topic: trillian install needs help

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    trillian install needs help

    i just did a new install with trilllian and it seemed to load everything ok. it authorized ok and i did the updates. so when i opened it it could not find the library. i installed the library on a seperate drive. so what am i missing? i am working on a pc with windows 7 64bit and sonar 8 studio. please help. rickjr

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    Re: trillian install needs help

    When you have a question about a Spectrasonics product, be sure to check the FAQs at support.spectrasonics.net. When you say "it could not find the library", I presume you mean Trilian reported it could not find your default multi. In any case, for the solution, check the FAQ entitled

    Error: Cannot open Multi .../default.mlt_trl?

    - Glenn
    Glenn O

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    Re: trillian install needs help

    thanks for your reply. i started all over and re installed trilian onto my main c drive and everthing loaded fine and is working. the only hiccup i had was on disc 3 an error message came up saying an error occurred while trying to copy a file data error(cyclic redundancy check) this was for instruments\steam\trilian\soundsources\factory\tri lian library\electric bass\trilian electric 01.db. so i hit the retry button which did no good and then i hit ignore button and the info finished loading. i found under the program date file/spectrasonic file 3 steam folders. one was for omnisphere, and two that were for omni and trilian. also there was another spectrasonics instruments file with two more steam folders. one was for omni and trilian and one was a shortcut to steam for omni to my d harddrive where the omni library is located. then on my d harddrive i found a spectrasonics instruments file and in that is another spectrasonics instruments file, a steam file, shortcut to steam,steam 2 which is a shortcut and another steam file that is a shortcut. the first three steam folders are for omni and the last one is for omni and trilian. this looks like way too many steam folders. so where do i go from here? any suggestions? i would like to get trilian moved over to the d harddrive. ok thanks rick ranum

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    Re: trillian install needs help

    hi i was just checking back to see if anyone can istruct me on how to move the trillian file to another harddrive. i have so many steamfolders that i mentioned in the first post, that i just dont know how to go about moving the trillian file and do i need to create a shortcut. thanks for any help, rickjr

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    Re: trillian install needs help

    With kindness, I suggest that because "i have so many steamfolders that i mentioned in the first post, that i just dont know how to go about moving the trillian file" that you deal with that problem first. Obviously your current installations need sorting out before you create and more folders and shortcuts to numerous Steam folders. Perhaps get everything consolidated into one Steam folder (Spectrasonic Instruments>Steam>Omnisphere folder and Trilian folder) first then consider moving just one folder? There's also Spectrasonics Support to contact if you need additional help doing that. HTH......frank
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