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Topic: I need a new "Pop" library...

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    I need a new \"Pop\" library...

    I have seen a tremendous amount of effort going into the development of \"natural\" sample collections for GS, but right now, I am in need of a new healthy collection of sounds suitable for pop music, including electronic pianos, synths, percussion, percussive sfx, etc.
    Unfortunately, I have seen very few comments regarding these types of libraries, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Also, I use Translator full, so other formats shouldn\'t be a problem.


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    Re: I need a new \"Pop\" library...

    Check out vrsound.gigamodule
    It has great drums usable for pop to rock to funk. 6 Pianos, Rhodes, totally pop analog pads some percussion and more....
    All sounding really good.

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