Hi everyone,

I'm having a problem with the Aria Player, using finale.

Ok, so after I've switched finale [printmusic 2010] to play through VST, I go into the instrument setup --> vst instruments.

From there I of course change they sections to Aria Player [Multi].

When i click EDIT, and get to the aria mixer is where the problem lies.

when I click on a channel 'bar' - the thing to change what vst plays on that channel - nothing happens! SOMETIMES it works, and this problem popped up recently, about a month ago. I've tried to track down anything I may have installed ect. but I seriously cant thing of anything.

Like i said, SOMETIMES it works, but never when I need it to. This is a specific problem because I need to change the instrumentation of one of my templates to get what I want!

Anyone have any ideas?